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How did I end up here? Way down south of Metro Manila… hehe Maybe new scenery, fresh place or a breathe of fresh air or environment or how about better pay! It was indeed..

These were the times that I kinda lived care free attitude, financially and the whole being.. These were also the times that kinda chaotic. hehe Moving forward, after 6-7 years, this place became beautiful of sorts. Trees around the walkway in Northgate, then at the middle of it, circle of shops which are mostly food and one 711. There is a walkway with roof on it so if you’re in a hurry before 5 mins of your shift under the rain, you can still make it! hehe

Traffic is way better due to the underpass.. The look of northgate way became better unlike those years before. So if you’re looking for work and you’re living near at these places well, don’t look far. Here it is! hehe

Ah of course, this is one of my favorite places to work with, comes with some caution. Well, the only thing I can think of is if you’re going to work at night or going home at night.. Please, just be careful showing off some valuable things especially riding in a jeepney. Great thing for me, I was able to avoid any mugging or mishap but others kinda unlucky. The whole Alabang Zapote Rd is kinda dangerous at the wee hours of night/morning, especially at the end of the road, near south station. Geez, don’t go there especially at that market stop. Despite police visiblity, this road is very long, and there are a lot of spots where evil lurks. Just that, be careful unless you have a car. hehe

CVG (Alabang and now famous Nuvali)- Convergys houses at Alabang, Direct TV account which I don’t know if its still there.. hehe Ah like Dish Network, this one is simply hell of a account. Pain in the arse, stressful, toxic and you kinda name it all. Well, another controversial account there is Optus, why? It came from a call center which is quite very familiar to me. It houses Optus LAD and prepaid service which you can speak in vernacular. If I got it right. hehe Of course, CVG is known for housing the toxic accounts, strict business code and conduct and sorts.. More of them when we go to Makati. By the way, Nuvali is at Laguna, and it houses suprisingly a lot of BPO offices, a new site..  CVG has one there and according to a previous employee there, it houses kinda premium accounts. Of course, stress is premium as well. hehe One account there, is kinda weird but clever, market research company, which give  clients some information about a certain company for the purpose of acquisition or merger. Quite interesting.

Firstsource- I tried to apply for this company because I had a plan to come back at my sister’s house if I did not pass my applications to other companies. Great thing it did not go through. hehe This is a new company situated at Northgate, it’s an UK company doing outsourcing or Australian but you can check it at their website. Definitely, they are just a outsource company like CVG. CVG is located at the front of northgate while this one, way back, near Stream.

Stream – As they have centers in Shaw, Makati or in QC, well, this site I’m not sure if it still exist but definitely a lot left when it transitioned from eTel to Stream. Like some of my friends or former team mates. Geez. Anyway, I’ll bash them when this one reaches my home turf at QC. hehe I have no idea what they have, well, one thing is for sure, pay is definitely lower than when they were Etel. hehe

GENPACT – This center is near Stream and yeah at the back of northgate. They sound another outsource company but they handle mostly GE accounts ranging from GE bank up to other GE accounts, I’m not sure if they handle a bulb account. hehe They used to be really a GE company but I think they were sold to become an outsource company. It used to house wachovia but due to financial meltdown in the US, they were gone. They still standing at northgate, they have a branch here at QC. I only know one batchmate used to work there, it was good but due to some management decision, she did not like it and left. If I were asked to apply here, hmmm there are many other centers out there. hehe

EGS – By the way, sounds new? Nope, they are the suprisingly old, coming from a merger between APAC and NCO/RMH callcenter which are both long standing call centers in Manila. Neither they’ve grown nor shrink, and decided to become one which is not very usual in the BPO industry. Maybe I’ll explain it further when this one come to QC. Anyway, the account they have here is a medical insurance, which until now, not disclosed by my CG mate. hehe Anyway, what I heard from other people about this company, very messy because of the merger. Many are leaving, yet they recruit more. Very normal in this industry. But better find other centers.

Capital One – the most intriguing center in Northgate coz it used to be HSBC Alabang before. hehe Before, when they heard you came from this center, you’re damn good! It is! hehe But due to financial crisis in the US and HSBC was slapped billions of fine due to laundering violations which was very embarassing due to the fact, we were always trained to be complaint against money laundering by the trainings and courses but well.. HSBC is kinda compromised that. They sold this site to Cap One. hehe I wrote a lot about this site and I told that it was the worst but time passed by, I heard they improved. hehe I discovered worse than them.. Cap One officially has one in house center here, but I’m not sure if they are really good especially they have US account, you know how hard it is! hehe

Well, these are some call centers to apply here at Alabang and yes there are some in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa which has Teletech and that directory KGB, I’m not sure.. Nuvali has CVG and soon IBM, not sure about that. Funny thing, until now, Northgate has the only BPO centers here, there are some in insular life building near Filinvest Mall, one notably a korean online teaching school. Oh, the AIG office which was formerly Philam Life subsidiary. As you can see, the only gate that has the most BPO offices are in Northgate, so I hope, in the future time, they will have all gates occupied with these kind of offices, not just Condos or specialty shops or restos..

What I love here is the proximity although traffic is sick especially in Christmas season.. hehe But most of the time, traffic is quite manageable  as long you live house early.. Proximity from LP going to Alabang is only one jeep away. Then all the malls or restos you want to go is also here.. SM Southmall will be your second home. hehe Or choose from that all class Alabang Town Center, or if you want something different Filinvest Mall. Not to count that Molito part and the classy Ayala alabang village and other places sa south. Madrigal up to that Filinvest City is quite serene coz it has few tall buildings unlike in Makati or other CBD. You can run or breathe some air of it. Northgate itself is good by having some stores and yes, even Bellevue Hotel which I puked a lot. hehe

Schools, churches, hospitals are near and yeah everything you want to go is here. Of course I’m more connected at QC but because of these features of the city, I kinda love here. The people here? Damn fantastic.. And yes, south is beautiful. Many beautiful people! hehehe

I used to dream that if I want to have a family and be away? One of the locations I consider if I become successful, definitely here at the south. Yeah just avoid Paranaque due to flooding and more chaotic traffic, and weird roadways. Geez.. Even in LP, just don’t be near Cavite part at Coastal because of traffic and quite far to Alabang or SLEX.

Don’t forget if you’re run out of funds and want to have a simple fun strooling time, there is Times, Metropolis and Starmall! =)


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