End of 2nd Quarter

There is always second quarter.. Anyway, let’s review, or forget it! hehe

Hay, medyo inaalat ata as we move forward..

April – Hmmmm kala aalatin na ko sa work, pero buenas pa! hahaha Although something happened which at first kala ko mukhang kaya naman.. Hindi pala.. Mukhang kalbaryo pala. Naman. Nothing much at that month or well, nothing serious yet.

May – The end of the trial period, the question of getting regularized answered. I was! hehe Ako pa, iba talaga pag medyo effort ng kaunti sa work. Hehe At kung di naman buenas, last month of that freaking mid sh*t or midshift pala. hehe Last month na din for being in a team lead by no comment. hahaha Sobrang saya this month and maganda momentum towards June. Well, almost.

June – Marks my 30th year of damn existence. I enjoyed it at the most modest way, siyempre nandiyan ang CRAP with the help of Man of Steel! Which for me, one of the best of the year.. Tapos of course, all happiness comes with sadness.. Kaya pala medyo weird ang movement ng tiyan eh something is there.. Geez, mabuti na lang it found out not serious, however, that polyp thing needs to be removed.

It was short yet fun quarter but well, worse comes to worse.. Indeed.


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