End of 1st Quarter

Quite surprised, whole year round, I missed this kind of posts! hehe Medyo makakalimutin ako pero ok lang.. Medyo natatandaan ko pa naman ang nangyari for the first quarter of this year. Let’s look back, oh God I hope I’m right. hehe

January – start of the rule na 10 posts lang per month which is working wonders for me. Not really stressed of making rushed posts. hehe Pero yeah nakapunta kay Ate tapos maganda takbo ng OKC, tapos kakabad trip na shift di dahil sa tasks, alam mo na kung ano yun. hahaha Well, this one was better than last year but still not a good start.

February – Birthdays came and siyempre ingat pa din in a night shift. Better than January and maraming delay at nakakapanood na ng film fest every week.. Marami pa akong ginawang mga errands pero yeah, that time not health conscious. Hoped a better month coming after this.

March – It was her birthday siyempre. hehe Pero more than anything, maaga ang holy week at ok naman sa work. Decided to really make the Ring! posts every other month. Kapagod talaga hanggang ngayon.. Ok naman pa ang MIA nun, wala pang talo noon. hehe Started to buy equipments for that excercise routine and meeting friends, di naman malungkot ang month na to, except of course some struggles pero wala naman major. Yeah, still hoping for that new computer.

This quarter was not really bad, I can say steady and blessed.. I’m happy na going to the next quarter ok na sa working side ko or myself but some circumstances seems to happen for a reason..



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