Not Showing: BERSERK Golden Arc 3: Descent

To achieve a certain goal..

To fully realize a dream..

To become what you want to be..

What do you give to make it happen? What can you do to achieve such thing? Are you ready for the consequences of the actions or decisions you make? What sacrifices can you do to really achieve the goal? Is it really for the better good or for the better self?

Those questions were answered in this third chapter of BERSERK Golden Arc. As every Berserk fan or even those who were enticed by the two films, wanting to see what really happened after Griffith was captured due to treason.

Weak points of the film, first like the opening films, it lost a lot of characters, although this one has a new character shown up but it’s only matter of seconds. Second point, as much you want to see Guts killing a hundred men, like hundred soldiers, but here it was not. Not really a weak point but unlike in manga or in the TV series, this one well.. He killed just a number of knights and sort of so it was fast paced.

First of all, what I love in this part was they emphasized the emotions coming through it. From Griffith’s falling out and giving in to the behelith, Caska’s choice of leaving the Band of hawk, other people who doesn’t know what to do yet, or even Guts deciding to stay or not. As the movie progresses, emotions change and it builds up until of course, the ultimate decision by Griffith, he wants to achieve his selfish goal. I like the flashbacks, or dream sequences, mostly terrifying, and yes, the romance between Guts and Caska, despite it’s late but well they shown it.

Another thing I love, how impressive the animation in this one. Despite more dark colors or themes in this episode especially the last hour, it definitely shown in detail, even the slightest monster in that eclipse sequence. Compare this to the TV series eclipse? This was way better! The 3D effects or special effects at last fit in to this film and it shows seemlessly. The last hour sequence was really not only shocking or most violent or gore for sometime in anime but one of the most neatly done. I love how they shown like Femto and Skull Knight. Wow.. God hand, damn cool at this film. You gotta see it! I love the logic of when the eclipse happened, what the other people outside see? That’s clever.

Voice actors done a wonderful job of doing their roles with feeling, especially Guts part.. I felt his anger and demise in that eclipse scene, especially in “that” part.. You know what I mean when you watch this.. Griffith also made this film possible as it should be because this his time to really shine and gave the meaning of the turnaround of the story. Without his great performance, I don’t think this film going to work. Ever. Don’t forget Caska’s part, although both her and Guts were kinda unlucky, she shown how confused and yes, being so brittle at the end.

I said that this part has that manga feel, it is! From that eclipse scene, and how it played until the end, that’s it.. This how Berserk should go on.

Action scenes as much it has quite lesser than the second one because of the drama at the eclipse but it has the highest count of gore, violence as well. I don’t know what that R15/R18 version difference is.. Hmmmm But definitely, whatever version I saw, it won’t show here. Geez.. Great thing at Japan they’ve shown 2 versions at all cinemas. But let me say, it became so violent that it made me feel reading in the manga. Yes, that is how the manga works for Berserk, very violent.. Very violent that they omit or they did not include some scenes in any of the films. Definitely, this film won’t show here or even I won’t show it to kids or even HS kids. Never..

I love that scene when Skull Knight and Zodd met each other. I did not see that in manga.. Skull Knight made this film enjoying especially at the end which he saved Guts and Caska, how cool he is in this film. I hate that part which they kinda spoiled who he is, where in the manga, it did not show until like 10 books.. They really constructed this films into well logical order. I hope they can change that.

After this flick, I felt the same way in Manga, TV series especially this one, how you will love Guts, Caska and gonna hate or you want to kill Griffith/Femto. Yes, Griffith is just damn manipulative until the end. But anyhow.. He really descent as a disciple of all the evil you can think of.

The last news I read, the studio behind this films will make another 3! I don’t know how far they will be but that’s good news. They just need either keep it up or do it better.

One more thing, damn they did not show one shot of Guts fighting as the blackswordsman!

But as the epilogue say, this is only the beginning! Yeah!!!!

The reality type of story of Berserk ends, the dark fantasy of Berserk begins… The blackswordsman arise..

I was kinda grimacing at this short dialogue. Not the accurate way but I just remember it. I don’t know if that chinese dude really sub it right.

(while fighting outside in the eclipse)
Zodd: I was expecting you here, now we can fight!
Skull Knight: You are just a janitor here, get out of my way!


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