Noong sinabi sa kin ng Doc yesterday na there’s no need to worry after that minor operation. I can say, I’m so much relieved at masaya. Praise God indeed that tuloy ang buhay and continue to be better. 

Even before that first colonoscopy, I was thinking a lot.. Talagang marami. I can say, if there is a chance to have better result eh optimistic ako. But when there is a bigger chance of somewhat failure or bad to happen, eh nagiging pessimist ako. Thinking a lot plans and most of all, keeping me motivated, whatever happens. More praying and talking to him.

It’s really hard to deal in this ordeal.. Di pa kasama kung paano ang preparation for a colonoscopy. Great thing I won’t do it until next 6 years. hehe Yun castor oil na yun, grabe, that’s the most yucky med I drunk for now. Grabe, kahit ilang tubig na iniinom ko, yun after taste it’s just worse. Yuck! hahaha Pero mura naman. However yun recently na ininom ko kahit mahal, kakaaddict! Matamis kasi. hehe I haven’t thought na laxative yun. So there, and yes, more water, soft diet and a lot of mami. hehe

Great thing talaga, I’ve become more conscious in my health for the past 2-3 years. Kahit maexcercise  pa ko and going into healthy living eh narealize ko na still need to check up with the Doc, para mamonitor lang ang health and improve more sa healthy living. Lalo na ngayon, a lot of stress and activities na mararanasan ko at yes, I’m getting older.

I thought nga na magpaadmit with that colonoscopy and polypectomy (weird and funny term) to get more rest pero mabuti na din sa bahay. Bitin ang LOA! Bawi na lang ako next time. hehe

Lesson learned is really of course, excercise and stuff pero yun, balance and healthy diet. Even Mom eh medyo ingat na sa niluluto niya. More veggies, high fiber diet, fruits din and less meat. Kung pwede vegan na ko pero matagal ko pa ata kaya yun. Kahit Dukan diet eh mas lalong effective but not now. Budget wise. hehe

I want to thank of course, God.. For giving me this relief at longer life as long I continue that being healthy at walang inom for the longest time! Thank you for the love. Jesus for the healing and forgiveness.. Mukhang ready to serve na. hahaha Family of course, parents na laging nandiyan even Dad is quite afraid. hehe Mom na sinamahan ako kahit may ubo siya. Siblings na understanding and supportive at sabon na din. hahaha Friends who prayed and gave some words of motivation and optimism. Sa aking TL na sobrang masikaso, pasensya na TL sa mababang score this month! Bawi ako next month. hehe Saka although sayang ang opening for a different position, ayoko bumagsak dahil sa daming iniisip. Alam na ni TL yun.

Sa team na kahit wala ako nagperform pa din! Ayos na talaga to. Sana tuloy tuloy lang. hehe

For now, great thing di naman nakaapekto lahat while in this state of hysteria or worriness.

Now, I can sleep.. Continue what I’m doing..

Enjoy Life! =)


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