Eiga Sai 2013

(pato 1)

Ano ba, bitin!! hehe Well, I can only give 2 flicks that I was able to watch. Ituloy na lang sa August at UP film center, again! hehe By the way, mukhang masaya nga manood sa Shang for film fest, like last year sa France film fest. It’s free, cozy and good screens. Problem, ayun mahaba pila to watch another free flick. Dahil dun, di ko napanood yun gusto ko! Ergh..

About her brother – Very dramatic story, how touching that the lead character, Ginko still helps her worthless, bothersome young brother until death. Sad it is but has a good story. I like the performances of the lead actress, her brother in the story despite that bothersome character, but deep inside just looking for love of a family. Of course, don’t forget, Yu Aoi! The main reason I watched this film. She just don’t age. hehe Grabe, ang ganda talaga niya. Magaling din naman yun role niya. Oh, kala niyo ganda lang ha.

Rinco’s Restaurant – Parang ang nawawala lang. hehe Eto naman, di siya nagsasalita kasi natrauma sa love, ayun dahil magaling maluto, Noriko built a restaurant which caters at least one customer lang. Of course, don’t forget her eccentric mother and some friends. It’s a weird fun story and despite yun ayoko ang di nagsasalita na character dahil sa trauma, natuwa naman ako. Of course, don’t forget, Kou Shibasaki!! The Mitsuko chick in Battle Royale 1, which is my second fave character sa film. Akalain mo she became old but still looks like Mitsuko in a lighter and fun note. Wow.. Got to see her in Ronin 47!

Sa UP nga lang ako hahabol, I hope may sumama or better makapanood ng marami.

pato 2 soon! =)


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