Everything happened so fast, I forgot to even write here. This July, I only wish two things. Getting just two things.

A lot of rest and time for myself.

A successful operation for that small polyp in my intestine. Kung tama ba ang spelling ko sa polyp. hehe

Normal to ponder what if I mean, kung yun na mga huling araw ko… Paano ko kaya maeenjoy ang natitirang araw ako.

Still working my arse out..

Still doing some chores or errands and getting scolded at the same time.

Still doing things that I hope I won’t be doing anyway..

Still trying to be good as you can be but felt time is not enough.

Mabuti na lang, di naman serious ang polyp na yun, I hope once removed, no more damn worries. hehe God gave me some extension for this life. Thank God. Oh, Jesus. =)

Yun lang for this month, I will not really worry sa stats ko, or other errands at mga ibang chores. Second eh, yun, pahinga naman. Yun VL ko last June parang alang kwenta kasi napacolonoscopy ako at marami din ginagawa kasi alam na, birthday month.

At this month, grabe, marami din pala ang may happy birthday.. I should really keep my calendar for those celebrants. Close friends.

Work seems more hectic this month. For the first two weeks, I’m been rendering so much OT ha.. Pathetic tong mga queue na to. Pero ok lang, dagdag kita. hehe Kung calls to, naku uunahan ko na umuwi at di magpakita sa TL kung OT. hehe

I’m enjoying this new iron maiden of mine. 7 years worth the wait.. Wow, the power it has now, the screen so clear and yeah.. It’s like a new baby.. I’m starting to grow with it. =) 10 times better than the old one.

Of course, I still want to thank that old computer. Hmmmm Sobrang gamit na gamit, eh bumibigay na pero pwede pa naman. Sila Kuya Allan na bahala dun. hehe Or even Dad.

This month pala, sinasabi ko na pala, I’m sorry my writing might be sloppy a bit. At may posts na di masyado maayos.. hehe Well, I’ll still do my outmost best para maayos ang mga sulat ko for this month.

Sana makita ko man lang si LBJ. hehe Mabuti at pupunta siya dito, mabuti pa siya pumunta, si MJ di pa.

Akalain mo nananalo pa ang UST kahit walang matinong point guard!!! hehe Grabe na to.. Anyway, Go USTe!!!!!

Oh, yeah, I should have all my ports are USB 3.0 capable!!!! Iba talaga pre, 4.0 GB almost 5-6 mins lang ang transfer.. Damn.

What else, siguro eto lang muna.. I hope those simple wishes will come true this month. Please..

Thanks for a longer life. Thanks for another chance.

By the way, I’m start missing her.. A new one. =)


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