Man of Steel

First teaser trailers were kinda told myself I won’t watch this superman flick, it’s like a polished Superman one or so, with just better casting.

However, after watching the later trailers before coming out, It gave me another feeling that I should give this film a shot! How about as a birthday treat to CRAP?

I did, with CRAP and all I can say, one of the top movies of the year. Simple as that.. Geez, there is that movie experience I felt I’m satisfied, it combined that emotional core at the first and fun, excitement at the second part of the film until the end. CRAP indeed enjoyed watching the film.

Let’s discuss first what parts made it well, hindered to be a really great film or let’s say a match against Avengers. Only two minor flaws, for me, the destruction sequences at earth. Although it looked great, I mean seems like it’s real but while Superman and Zod fighting, no lives are lost in that sequence. Only buildings, gas trucks by Lex Luthor which he’s not showing yet, and people running away but that’s it. Wow, meaning all people was able to escape that monstrous collapsing buildings? That’s impossible but yeah forget it.

Another thing is the first part was very slow. Very slow, although it has a lot of action because of the events in krypton but other than that, well it’s forgivable, let it pass. But I love that pace especially when you’re developing a character.

This film although Nolan did not direct it, I felt the first part was Nolan’s part, but when the action sequences shows up especially that high octance last parts, that’s Zack Snyder’s part. Which the result is a great comic book film of the summer. Action film as well if you want to call it.

Despite that very slow first half, especially with those scenes how the old Clark Kent helps people, which I hope they could just trim in one scene, like that tanker scene… I love the opening scenes in Krypton, it’s like Star Wars! But well, the planet comes to an end, I loved how Russell Crowe not only his acting for being Jor-El but also he’s fit to play one. I watched the Man of the Iron Fist and I don’t know how he became slim after that big fat lawmen in that kung fu film. But he’s amazing even he became a hologram/ghost figure, his mere voice is such a fit for the role.

Don’t forget Kevin Costner, I mean after a string of bad films, this one, he’s indeed back! Great role for him, playing a really great father to Clark, although I was sad when he died.. But he knew what to do, that’s why that scene worked. I love how he guide Clark and what it means to be human especially for those who you care for.

As for Michael Shannon, I know more people doesn’t like his acting or it’s like not fit for him. I give him credit for being in that role. Come on, physically and emotionally charged character like Zod needs to have at least a capable actor. Shannon delivered that part effortlessly, although there are some who can do it better than him but I’m fine with his performance. Other characters or actors done their part, especially Lawrence Fishburne which is quite a scary boss. hehe But what stands out in those minor characters are the soldier lieutenant who at first doesn’t believe with superheroes, but in the end, he sacrificed his life so the hero can fulfill his mission. That pesky General who well, even he’s irritating until the end,  he’s just following orders. Lastly, that lady who fought superman at the middle, damn, that chick is not only strong but beautiful as well. She only spoke some lines but oh well, she’s damn beautiful especially in that black suit of hers.

Amy Adams delivered not really a great performance but I like her as Lois Lane, she indeed played a role of an agressive journalist. She’s kinda lucky that she survived but yeah, maybe her sweetness and romantic side will show in the sequel. But I like as how she delivered the role and better partner for superman. Despite her age? She looks still young. Don’t forget Diane Lane, a very patient mom that really loves her son. She has funny lines as well. But she’s fit for the role.

Henry Cavill, this dude is mismanaged by his agent. I mean if this film was shown first besides immortals and that film with bruce willis, he’ll be known by now better. I mean those mentioned films above well, did not really help him to boost his status, it only helped by this film. The reason? He’s fit for superman! Despite less dialogue for him, I think it’s the least for all the superman flicks, I’m not sure but I’ll check it in the future. His physically qualified, clever looks especially in that interview scene and how he acted that he wants to improve as superman. Meaning, I love that first scene when he starts to fly, he falls down and still trying to improve. I love how he shown superman not only the strongest of heroes but also as Clark Kent, who has heart to save people and has weaknesses.

This film also delivered great sound effects from the explosions and destruction of building, even that flying sequences, damn you can hear them all! Putting yourself at the edge of your seat.

Don’t expect that famous musical score of Superman, but they did a great job of doing it’s new version, more fit to the theme of this film. Editing shown as seemless, transporting to those young Clark to the present Clark or even that Krypton part. Action sequences, one of the best in recent years. This summer really emphasizes action sequences, like Fast Six.

I described that second part, like Dragonball.. hehe Without fireballs or that famous goku move, well, it shows that way. Without the teleporting action, the fight scenes were neatly delivered unlike if Nolan directed those scenes, it will be quite messy. The flying sequences, the first act in Krypton and indeed that first fight of Superman against Zod’s army was fantastic. Don’t forget that final fight, wow. It’s damn worth queuing up early and sitting for 2 hours plus.

Screenplay is good, not great because of it’s slow pace at the start but the dialogue is great for the first part, except those at the last parts. I love how they explained why Superman or even General Zod or any krypton citizen are strong in Earth. Very logical and clever. I love why there is an explanation how Clark fits in the society, wayback school days you see.. I think they focused so much in the action scenes which I hope they dig deeper in the origin of superman, but for this length and big, that’s enough. If not, it will be like Watchmen, might reach 3 hours. Geez..

Lastly, the combination of Nolan as a producer/screenwriter with Goyer and Snyder as the director. A great combination! Nolan’s weakness is really action scenes which Snyder delivered, filling that gap in a fantastic way. Snyder weakness is the screenplay and yeah still screenplay which Nolan and Goyer filled it effortlessly. Wow, I hope they’ll do it again if not here or other comic book films, I want to see them do original work.. That will be interesting.

I asked CRAP, which is better from other Snyder’s flicks. Doc said it’s still Watchmen, Sir says actually I did not ask him.. hehe The chef said Watchmen, 300 are way better. I could have agreed more. But that’s not bad, I mean nobody wants to do Watchmen, even Alan Moore curse any person touches his work, Snyder did it not only the right way but in a great way.. For 300, everybody was caught off guard how it shown greatly, as a man film. Brave man film or Macho film but yeah it’s a great work. Then this one, it’s really one of his best and one of the best comic book adapations, but of course I might go with Superman 1. I’m not sure yet.

Snyder is better when he has someone working with him, than well.. Doing his own work. Subject taken like that owl film and oh God, that Sucker Punch.

At least, I was not tricked in this one.

I saw Man of Steel.


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