three decades of me

At 28, I should be married but unfortunately.. Eto I’m 30 and single. hehe

30 years. Can you imagine na napakabilis ng panahon… Dati eh palabas labas, inom or gimik, now.. Looking forward for other plans in life to be steady and successful.

A long way, very long way I can say na successful na ko. After all what happened in my life, I ended up now, contented and happy but not satisfied. As reality speaks to me, I’m quite behind.

However, mabuti after all that eh di naman failure or sobrang sama ng state ang buhay ko, I feel still blessed, loved and happy. Thanks for my family that always there for me, kahit ano ang situation eh mahal naman ako. hehe Thanks to my friends, CRAP, close friends, CG, ah mga naging at current team mates, hmmm new somewhat friends. hehe Thanks to my community LOJ for such a spiritual growth in me. Sana maging ok ang paiging servant ko in the future. hahaha

Siyempre kay God that always provides, Jesus for the love and forgiveness always, accepts who I am, even healing and guidance everyday. Holy Spirit for guidance in this so called journey. =)

Now, marami pa ko mga gusto gawin but medyo hinay hinay ata due to age. hehe Anyhow, I am determined to step foward through change but still keep, the same me. =) I know of course, life is not that long in this earth.. But it won’t stop you enjoying it in the right way, in a most hollistic way..

I just hope that when another year comes to me..

I am a better person, bit by bit.

Well, di ko pa rin ialarm sa fb yun birthday ko!

=( di ko kasi alam, ang hirap hanapin. hehe

Thanks for those, who remember..

For me, three decades, is it the new 20 perhaps?


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