This June, siyempre, the ever famous, favorite month of mine. Not only my birthday, but almost maraming may birthday! hehe At siyempre special ito kasi yeah.. All of the sudden, it will be a new normal for me. 

Working for a day, it’s my fave season of the year, raining.. hehe At iba pa. Although may mga bagong gagawin, like sa LOJ tapos may sat shift pa, tapos ehem.. Sana start na ng getting fit, eh I should be enjoying let’s say a new dawn!

I hope less troubles or errands, mas madali lalo na umaga. hehe Para di nagmamadali lagi kasi may pasok sa work ng hapon. Now, malabo na yun. =)

I hope kung sino man nasa NBA finals, well nandiyan na ang Spurs, I hope di sila magchampion. hahaha Pag IND lang kalaban, wag na tayo umasa.

What else.. Hmmmm I hope I get something new this month, whatever it is.. I’m welcome to have it. =) For this month, well a lot of flashbacks or some revelations but di naman magbabago what I am today. It’s just another way of having a new post sa blog, besides, wala na ko masyado maisip, wag muna itodo. hehe

For now, I hope, I can watch more movies in my collection after that very busy 2 months. At more rest din, kagaya lang today, pinagalitan ako ni Mommy, have more pahinga. hahaha I will this month. I guess..

Eto lang muna, hmmm I hope you stay glued!

At the start of a morning side of life. =)


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