Never say die talaga ang Ginebra! Ok lang, walang tatalo sa Alaska! hehe

NBA playoffs na, and the only question is will MIA get the second ring? 

April for me, as much I viewed should be fun and relax.. Eh hindi ganun, naging stressful pa this month bigla. Biglaan talaga. Hay.. But, thanks to him, and some support eh ok lang. I just want to finish this month.

Work, ok na halos na lahat ng stats, important I need to just pass QA. Yun ibang stats, ok na naman. Despite ganun ang nangyari, important eh kept going and adjusting my goals, be positive kahit chaotic ang environment. Somebody loses, somebody fails or worse somebody is gone. Ganun chaotic this month. Pero ayos na ang QA!!!! Yes, thanks!!! Kaso, mukhang may isang monits pa, bad trip oh. hehehe Ipasa ko na lang yun, please…

Me as quiet my life is.. Eh biglaan disturbed.

Am I sad? Am I angry? Am I dissappointed?

Yes, but tapos na yun. =) It’s true.. I don’t have time na magalit pa or get even or be sad further. Siguro kaya ko nasabi yun kasi, I don’t want be affected so much at that moment. I’ll just do what can I do at that moment, help or pray for the best then done. Tapos na. hehe Yun lang maya maya, eh may after effect. hahaha Pero unti unti, wala na. =(

It doesn’t stop there, may things na medyo worried ako but I just hope, have faith and enjoy life with love to the people you care and siyempre wag mo kalimutan ikaw din. hehe This month, was challenging indeed. But I believe next months, medyo madali na lalo I receive some support, family and community to move and reach small dreams that I have. I’m very thankful for them. Love really motivates me to do something, kahit di naman pinapakita o sinasabi, ok na sa kin yun. Feel ko naman. =)

Once I can reach those small dreams, I can definitely build big dreams that I have. I know I cannot do that alone.. Or even with them..

With God perhaps. =)

Enough of this crap. hehe Life it’s like playoffs, grinding matches, winning big and reach the goal..

Being a champion above all!


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