FB Envy

I was surprised na may ginawang study ang isang school, or a country.. I forgot kung sino gumawa. But I’ll damn not forget what that study went. At sa gmanews.tv ko siya nabasa, not really a headline but interesting research.

They made a certain study about people feel kung napunta sila sa facebook. What they feel after that… Of course a lot of percentage felt good, but may small percentage that surprised me. After going to facebook, some people felt bad, deprived, envious, or worse…

I wondered at that time, parang ako yun nasa other percentage na yun. Meaning I felt the same way, but not really in that bad situation. Totoo lang, everytime I saw a good, or great news from a person close to you, lalo na sa FB, I felt envious. Naiingit ako.. Got this thing, happy something, thanks for this and that.

Praise God, or let’s go here and there. I’m here, or let’s hang out who wants to come. Thanks this and that..

Those phrases tapos may pic pa at something, or any type of file na incorporate with that message, really like feel something deprives you as a viewer. I think na with that message, a lot are happy na sa sinabi mo, or simply they are happy for you.. Others, or more…

Feel sad or yun bakit ganun, simpleng asking yourself..

Naisip ko, why people just put everything! hehe I mean, from bad times to great times, tignan natin kung anong mangyayari sa FB, baka maginit yan. hehe Or magshut down dahil sa traffic. Siyempre, expect conflicts, arguements or many things pag lahat eh iresponsible.

Maybe that’s the reason. Being responsible to just say the good, and keep the bad to yourself. Di naman lahat ganun, like me. hehe I say what I want and keep what it needs to keep. Whether it’s good or bad..

Others dun pa sa FB inaayos yun gulo o gusot than really talk to each other.

Others, dun pa nabibisto ang mga gawain! hahahaha

Well, FB really opened a different avenue for people, to express and mostly to connect.

I don’t blame FB for having this kind of feeling coming for just viewing FB, lalo na sa ibang profiles or events.

People are people, feelings will be there. It’s just how you handle those feelings and avoiding such trouble. Even inggit ka na, just turn it into something motivating, or positive. Like what I do, I always say, someday, kaya ko din yun or makukuha ko din yan. Better. hahaha I wish but yeah, tuloy ang buhay at yeah, just avoid self pity or make yourself low than others.

Besides, we are all equal.. =)

Ano kaya malagay ko sa status ko today?


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