Hay, what a relief na tapos na ang February.. Although short sa QA but other stats, ok na. I can say possible tataas na ang score ko this March! Medyo nakukuha ko na yun work flow. hehe 

“Aanhin mo ang maraming pera, kung wala naman romansa.” Sabi ng isang lola sa kin.. Grabe naman lola. Nothing beats that statement in my status being single. hahaha Anyway, she’s damn right. I should really seek one these days. But as much I want to search for one, well.. Medyo inaalat ako. hehe More snubs than hugs.

Anyway, ano pa.. Ang bilis ng Feb at ngayon ko lang nalaman na may Allergy whatever ako, from dust, smelling spicy and even perfume which parang di naman ako nagrereact sa ganun, lalo na pag maganda ang lady. hehe But that’s life, as grew older, these reactions rises. Or how about a new prescription for my skin irritation, at least di na steroid cream. hehe Speaking of getting older, I’m quite impatient ha, siguro yeah sa work na feeling mo alam mo na pero yun bagsak sa isang monitor. hehe Pero siguro nga dahil sa eagerness to reach some goals but..

I need to be patient, it’s not overnight you see to reach those goals.

I can really say that this month better than January, parang curse talaga yun month na yun. This month, it’s more of a moving forward and yun a glimpse for best things to come.

Although schedule well, as much I want it early but there, di eh. =( But that’s fine, at least weekends off and I can do much more. Paano pa kaya pag regular sked, I’ll do a lot more! hehe

Yeah sad part pala, Sonnets vs. Haikus were gone, but well nandun yun ibang sinulat ko na pinaghirapan ko ha. hehe I don’t know why she gave up. =(

Oscars pala quite surprising, especially one of my crushes, Jennifer Lawrence suddenly won her trophy. That’s why, I’m planning to watch Silver Linnings Playbook! Sana. If there are funds. hehe

Acting, beauty despite rash well, you got an award.

It is full of love this past month, although wala naman ako date or whatever, despite loveless from others or whatever, important is…

I felt loved by Him and me..

Next month, more love and time to Him. =)


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