Rockin night!

Great thing, di tumuloy tuloy ang lagnat ko. =)

After hearing some unpleasant news sa work and this all of a sudden bad feeling while working at Friday night, as much I want to go home early.. I simply can’t!

I endured yun parang lalagnatin na feeling, at yun gusto mo na humiga sa kama, I passed it and yun hinintay na lang kami umuwi ng 1am. Wala kasing VTO at marami pa ang tasks. But anyhow, at the same time, I’m thinking on how to heal quickly kasi I promised to my friend that we’ll meet at Saturday then go to a certain gig. Cancelling this meeting was the last thing in my mind.

After work, eh I went straight away riding a cab tapos uwi na agad. Got the long sleep I need but damn, I was chilling and sorts. Meaning, parang lalagnatin na ko after some what years.

While sleeping, ayun di ako makatulog agad kasi sa lamig and sakit ng ulo ko. I did not drink any meds or so, kahit juice. I prayed and tried my best to sleep over this feeling, go on with the meeting.

After some hours or I don’t know exact how long na ganun ako, doing different positions to sleep or somewhat, nakatulog naman ako ng mahimbing.

10 am as I woke up, feeling nauseous and very tired but fever was almost gone. Nanglata lang ako. hehe But after the morning ritual and sorts, eh 5pm pa naman yun meeting, I watched first yun nasa collection ko. After around 85 mins of mayhem, I’ve decided na alis na ko maaga para dumaan sa Quiapo and eat somewhat late lunch and snack in one meal. I was surprised that Chic-Boy eh Pepsi line up na instead of Coke. I wonder why.

Pero dun ako bumawi sa juice, ice tea nga lang. hehe

I went off sa meeting place and waited, then my friend came. She kinda look good especially in that black shirt. hehe I wore black shirt as well. hahaha Then ayun, we went going sa Cubao X, which is Cubao Expo for layman’s term. Ah yeah, that Cubao X became famous now because of the shops there and more kinda artistic ambiance. And of course, the bars and I forgot that italian resto there na puro high end ang pumupunta, eh sa mga dalang kotse pa naman eh. hehe

Anyway, we were talking along the way, she told me that she will be with her bandmate and another “friend”. As for me, I’m keeping myself active so I won’t be bored or you know ruin the trip or night.. I kept talking and she also kept talking. Parang tour guide ata ako, because she doesn’t know paano magcommute papuntang cubao X. For me, like I said, the last time I really went there was childhood days, thanks to Tito Larry eh fiesta carnival tapos marikina shoe expo pa yun! The whole place is packed for shoe stores.

Now, as we arrived there eh that was changed. There are still shoe stores pero mas marami na yun other type of stores. Vinyl stores, antique stores, that italian resto na sabi ni Ivan na yun lang ang lasang pure italian dito sa Pinas, and yes, bars na mukhang mahal pero di pala. hehe And the crowd is kinda high end or rock fans. hehe

After some walking, my friend’s bandmate came and say hi and hello, then there sila na naguusap! hahaha Me, yeah medyo quiet na, unless kinakausap ako or what, but well, I’m not. Although yun, my friend and I still talking then went to a bar which name is Fred’s ata, it looks like a pub pero nice sounds ha. Nice playlist they have! Then Escobar is the place with the gig, I forgot the name yun event, but it’s a rock gig with some indie bands which I haven’t heard. hehe Pero there, after some waiting, ayun na dumating na yun friend ng bandmate ng friend ko. Whew. hahaha

Then my friend asking questions who’s Razorback or Kevin Roy, sabi ko it’s a great pinoy hard rock band that I like, and she has no clue about it. Damn.. hehe Kevin Roy is the vocalist by the way, which I just known that night thanks to Raims, a Wolfgang fan. hahaha

Anyway, for me, I just can’t believe I’ll be meeting Kevin Roy’s sis at that time. Simple lang siya, but yeah you can sense rock attitude due to what she talks about, of course her brother’s band playing sa muziklaban, and the tatoo in her left arm. Which surprised me as well, Karl Roy. I thought Karl Roy is just a nick for that vocalist in P.O.T., but yeah, he’s the brother of Kevin Roy then they have a sister as well! What a rockin family! hahaha You have a jazz rock brother, hard rock brother and kinda new wave sis there. I wish kapatid ako nila. hahaha In my dreams. But while spacing out, there of course, I won’t be silent all the time despite me and my friend are witnessing a date. Very graphic. hehe

So there, after some questions, and some sharing, that I love Razorback because of their gigs or so.. After some hours, and my friend was really clueless about who she just met (which you should be freaking out.) Eh ayun, the other couple decided to come to Blue Sky, which me I don’t have a clue. Especially to my friend. My friend decided well, not wait for that gig, and I told her it’s her choice where to go, since maaga pa, 9:30pm pa lang. We agreed to come along with the other couple and go to the Blue Sky.. Damn, that name Blue Sky is always with me in japanese. hehe

Kala ko malayo, nung papunta kaming station ng lagro na jeep eh hindi pala. Sumakay kami papuntang quiapo na jeep and 8 pesos lang binayad namin each. I keep guessing, where the heck is this place, I’m thinking Morato.. We passed Morato and bumaba kami sa kanto ng Mcdo in near St. Luke’s. I forgot that street’s name pero never forget that landmark. hehe Lakad ng kaunti and I saw yun bagong coffee shop na it was discussed in Phil Star na has $11,000 worth of espresso machine. I think that is it! hehe But hindi pala kami pupunta dun.

Yun katabi niyang bar. Simple lang siya, with small bar, has coutches and simple yet comfortable chairs and tables. But damn menu, I mean, geez.. They have Absinthe!!!!!! 240 per shot!!!!! Absinthe is banned most parts in the world, and yeah lalo sa US due to the green fairy effect, if that’s true thanks to Eurotrip. hehe
Anyway, they have cocktails, food, booze, you name it. Maliit lang siya, as in maliit kasi pagakyat ko, ilang tables lang mayroon dun with chairs of course.

So, we were the first customers, the couple got the Red Horse, me and my friend, Ice tea! hahaha Sweet tasting ice tea naman pala. Now, dito eh more talking kahit papano but my friend got silent for sometime. Then time passes, dumadami na yun tao, may birthday pala tapos yeah it’s Saturday night.. Expect a lot more people to come.

After some hour ata, after talking about music influences, and what do I like and stuff, I wish nagplaplay ako ng music instrument. hehe Eh someone entered and sabi ko parang nakita ko na siya o parang kilala siya. He’s saying hi and kuha agad ng drinks.

Akalain mo nung pinakilala na eh that’s Kevin Roy of Razorback! Yeah!!! The smooth rockin’ vocalist ng hard rock band Razorback. Saw them wayback grade school then 4 years ago sa gwello’s Libis. If I got that spelling right. hehe

Say hi and shook hands. Cool rock dude, god. hehe

Then ayun, kwento siya about sa muziklaban, there is one band na magaling daw, fusion na rap and rock but he did not know kung nanalo. Tapos nakakatawa, maaga pala sila nagperform so basag na daw sila before sunrise. hehe I thought yun mga best bands will play at least patapos na. It’s not in their case, weird.. Swerte yun mga nanood ng maaga. hahaha

After that he talked about doing a stunt sa show tapos pagkatalon niya parang natamaan yun ankle niya, pinakita pa niya it’s blue.. hehe Sobrang kakatuwa siya even kinda profane way but hell yeah! Then ayun, the birthday celebrant came and all seems to have fun. I have a hunch because lahat ng dumating eh mukhang big time, di naman dahil sa mga damit suot nila. I mean, simple lang suot, pero grabe, lahat malalaki ang dalang kotse. Patrapik nga sa labas. hehe Isama mo pa yun mga customer sa coffee house. All of them, malamang malapit sa new manila or anyway, high status perhaps. Just a hunch.

As midnight approaches, as everybody getting wasted and sorts, kahit gusto ko makisalo and uminom kahit galing lang ako sa lagnat at yun nangyari sa kin before, I just can’t do it. Oh my friend yeah she was quiet when she shook hands with Kevin. Very clueless. hehe

Speaking about my friend, well she has a curfew from dad so we decided to go home na.. She bought some treats muna for family, ang sweet naman, sabi ko nga bribe eh. hahaha
Then, I got home, slept tight and ready for Sunday!

Damn, kung Friday night lang ito at wala naman ako gagawin ng Saturday, aba I don’t care na magsuka basta hang out with them. hehe Sayang nga, kahit picture di man lang nagpakuha.

Ok lang yun, important eh I’ve enjoy the night, I hope next time I could see those people again na ngayon alam ko na ang hang out. Napakalapit, isang jeep. hehe I can’t believe that place will transform into great place to go or hang out. Next time, makatry ng absinthe! hehe

I’ll teach my friend about local rock music history as she admitted na dapat nagfreak out siya. hahaha I can’t blame her because with her age perhaps.

We’ll meet again for sure.. =)

Ah, that indeed a rockin’ night. Great places visited, with great music and playlist, simple conversations, great crowd.. What else you can ask for?


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