unplanned 43

Well, eto naghahabol for that old school light comedy film fest week. Haba. hehe Anyway, siguro for now as I am impatient of having a new computer and get on with my digital plans eh mukhang waiting style muna ako. =) Before that and to keep me busy, better ready of getting fit. I should read or indeed prepare yun binigay sa kin ni Raims na program and Rick’s program, let’s see if it will works for me. 

For this past week, ayun medyo alat sa QA pero ok lang, bawi na lang for the final weeks. Work although yeah, not really financial rewarding pero ok naman, not stressed or somewhat pressured. Siguro more of improving na lang sa QA and to reach my goals for the next month. I haven’t thought of taking a VL, I’ll reserve that for important na lakad. This year with all that small plans I have, there is one more goal I need to reach..
Surprisingly, di ko naman naset pero biglang lumitaw. See your close friends or even friends you haven’t seen for a while, a very long time. Like kay Ate Mela, na it was a refreshing trip going to her house siyempre nandun ang kanilang baby Bianca Trish, at siyempre si Mike. At mabuti nga talaga nakaalis na ko dun, with the chismax I got.. Ayos! Hahaha tama lang pala ang escape route. 

Then, Bes is also sending signals na when will I meet her. Definitely top of my list, before travelling around, maybe time na din to meet her personally or kahit sa video call perhaps. hehe 
Another suprisingly event, For Cy and Ghe, congrats! I wish the best for your wedding and I can’t believe I’m invited! hahaha Even I did not see Cy for once after college at kahit di ko siya kaclose nung college but thanks to my blog and multiply, I will be meeting one of my fans. hahahaha 

Other friends that I haven’t seen for a long time, dapat nga today pupuntahan ko another close friend kaso piyesta sabi ng isang friend ko, hirap pumunta. Next time na lang.. =)

Sad to say, ROS got swept away. Pero ganun talaga, ayoko ko lang kasi sa TNT kasi matagal na silang champion. Pero give credit to them, despite with a weird frontcourt.. They won a championship again! Sana Alaska na lang nakalaban nila sa finals. hehe

NBA, can’t believe OKC is the number one team! Pero makikita natin kung gaano talaga sila kagaling pagdating sa Playoffs, lalo na walang Harden na and with a new offensive system. I hope Perk will improve lalo na sa defense. Yun na lang gagawin, katamaran pa niya! hehe
Can’t wait na din sa new sked, an hour earlier, pero ok lang kaysa sa walang change sa sked. Still hoping for a morning sked, kung pwede lang palayasin yun ibang LOB! hahaha

Unfortunately, this month will be start of a long time circus towards election day.. Can we just vote those who are really qualified and dedicated, not those who look nice or sounds good in any place..  Geez, simply vote for the right people. Except siyempre sa mga makukulit na kay laging tumatakbo, talo naman. hahahaha Yeah, all of them, almost.. Parang perya na to, iba’t ibang talent para magpasaya ng tao pero pagkatapos nun, wala na! Peryang perya nga. hehe

Mukhang ok naman ang less posts for a month. Wala naman masyado epekto, although sobra ng 10 for this month, pero reaching 10 is no problem. 

A lot of time for rest , being productive and waiting. 



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