Can we just move on to February? hehe Hay, as much I want to be great or at least good sa work eh mukhang alat na ko. QA lower than last month, and some bad luck na din kasama sa QA, ayun, kadisappointing. I’m surprised why they still ask questions for me for help even they have better QA scores than me.. Absurd isn’t it? hehe

But anyway, yeah, for this month that’s a big letdown. Parang di lang March ang malas na month for me, (according to previous years.) pati na talagang itong month na to. I don’t know why! Siguro I need to do those new year rituals to put away bad luck, such as maraming bilog na fruits sa mesa, (I remember marami naman kami nakahain), jumping with those coins (which I don’t like to do), making new year’s resolutions (which only confuses me for the rest of the year and I have kept some already), at marami pa. Nah, I don’t believe that much sa mga ganun. =)

Well, important is to move on na lang to the next month. Besides, I have 11 more months to make it up and to do better. By the way, mabuti nakabalik na ang punishing fire ko at mukhang maayos naman. No major letdowns or any weird happening to it. Pero once pagtagal nito, I’ll just get a sammy one due to service and warranty. Damn these china’s other brand spinoffs, very tricky. For now, important eh may film fest ulit ako, but not every week kasi sa sked. Important eh unti unti nakakapanood na ko ng straight. hehe

Yeah, another great thing, hmmmm as much I want to go to other brands, eh Philips seems to be keep enticing me to get one of their in-ears. I did at this one, I can say, even not louder as yun pioneer na in-ear pero very crisp naman after burning it for 50 hours, at way better than MOS in-ear, with it’s tough cord at really fit in my ears. Sana black na lang kinuha ko. hehe Kaso light blue or aqua is enough.

Despite lowered QA score, I kinda like the work, not stressful like taking calls or so, may pace kung baga. As much I want to it RAM type of work pace, di pwede! Bad trip, kailangan metikoloso. hehe Unlike RAM na pag nakita mo lang yun type ng transfer eh ratsada na agad, kahit walang second look.. Dito, damn really need to check every detail. hehe Even for a third look, hay kailangan maayos pa din.

So, for this one, I need to be detail oriented and definitely careful so I can reach high QA next month. Or just to pass it will be fine with me. Medyo bagalang ko na lang lalo kung maclose ko yun task.

For this month, definitely better than last year. I mean, last year eh binibilang ko na lang yun araw enjoying working sa RAM because of its demise.. Now this year, although not getting a good score eh I still have a simple yet fun job. Kakasabi nga ng isang TL kagabi, stay and aim for high scores and position, you’ll be somewhere in the company. Nasabi ko nga 1 year, I want to be in a different position. Just to do something different than agent or so.. I’ll just do my best every day at my work and to help the team. Always. Stay siyempre!

Otherwise, at the back of my mind, at my real mindset…

I have other plans.  =)

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