Mommy Gert

Well, her name is very unique that the only person I know who has the same name, is her. Gertie, hmmmm The only other person or character used this name, one was a animated dinosaur around black and white age. I’ll research on that later. hehe Other one, was in the movie Moon but the spelling of that name if I’m not mistaken, Gerty. Not pronounced as well Gertie. 

Perceived as others na maganda siya, paano kasi she really takes time to dress herself, kahit sa suki lang siya pupunta. hehe At she chooses the right clothes up to the accessories din. I hope namana ko sana yun kaputian niya. hehe

Most of my friends, siya yun second na kinakamusta after me, maybe because pagpumupunta sa bahay namin, at siya nandoon, very welcome siya at nagaasikaso sa guest. Lalo na pagnapaparty ako sa bahay dati, naku parang di siya napapagod. Eh lalo na sa pagluluto niya, aba yun kanyang mouth watering, ever tasty recipe na russian salad. Nadiscover ko lang yun name sa Conti’s with a hefty price tag but they say, Mom’s version is better. hahaha Maybe I should that recipe, kahit yun lang alam ko.

Di lang yun, aba marami pa siyang recipes na talagang sabi ko sa kanya she can join the pinoy masterchef contest and try if she can go until the finals. Sa dami niyang alam sa pagluluto, alam niyo naman result nito. 5 overweight and healthy siblings. hehe Sa kanya ko din namana yun very metikuloso sa paglilinis sa bahay. O kahit maayos sa gamit, which di naman lahat naayos ko sa kwarto. hehe Pero well, sometimes she still does the work or even wash clothes kahit sabihan ko na wag na but one day, ayun naglaba na. Of course, di lang naman ako kain ng kain di ba, natuto din ako sa kanya mamalengke at the very young age, around 10 or 11 ba. Basta, dati every morning punta ko sa Muñoz Market para lang mamalengke, kahit ilang kilo pa dalin ko pauwi, ako na! hehe

I can also say, na di siya pwede all the time sa bahay. Very active going out either with friends or relatives or some errands.

On top of that, she’s a very loving Mom that I can be proud of. Especially noong nasa skul pa ko, siya yun pumupunta sa meetings or kuhunan ng cards or event na pwede siya. Until I graduated college, she’s there smiling and proud na tapos na ko ng skul.

Siyempre di naman nagtatapos dun, after years of working, and yes, difficulties coming left and right, back and forth eh she is still strong despite this broken situation. I honestly say that even she’s not the Mom that I thought to be, I still love her. Despite some disagreements o kahit yun tampuhan eh sa huli, kami eh tuloy pa din yun pagsupport at pagtulong sa kanya. Even at times, that I’m alone, which is parang all the time. hehe Naiisip ko yun memories na maliit ako tapos sinasamahan ko siya wherever she goes! I remember noong sinamahan niya ko sa Uncle bob Children’s Club show nung maliit pa ko, aba she’s cheering out for me at a certain contest tapos after 10 seconds, talo ako! hehe Pero sabi niya after that, ok lang yun.. May next time. We ate outside na after that. I did not feel I lost that game or enjoying that day with that show but important is, Mom is there for me, loving and encouraging me that move on after that.

I know it’s impossible for having them together because of such complex issues pero I do understand her part but I hope, she’ll learn to forgive and move forward. Think other things that really gives her happiness other than tangible things or money perhaps. Great thing for her, lagi siya nagdadasal at gumagawa ng paraan not only for her, but always kasama kami kahit di na kailangan.

Important is we, the siblings are always here to love her, and give her a feeling that she’s our best mom! =)

For me, despite sa mga nagawa niya sa kin o yeah sometimes I can say I was hurt by her.. But now, and how long I’ll live.. I always love my Mom. I already forgive her and I want to thank God, for giving us a Mom who is this strong willed and thoughtful as always. Forgive us as well po if we have shortcomings, a lot. hehe Lalo na po sa kin, kaya sana at alam ko na napatawad niyo na ko, at di kayo magsasawa magmahal sa min. Thanks for your love. =) Sorry pala din. hehe

How thoughtful, well hanggang ngayon tinatanong niya kung ano oras pasok ko, san ako and ingat sa paguwi and sorts. hehe Even I thought she can leave me alone but I feel that’s how Mom’s role to her kids.

I love you Mommy always! Mwah!

Yeah, I’m thinking of getting cooking classes from her, di lang taste tester lagi. hehe

Ah, yeah, sayang may pangtatapat na ko sa kanya sa pagluluto kaso.. Alam niyo na nangyari. hahahaha


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