End of 4th quarter

Last blog of the year, last updates. hehe

October – Of course, after some 3 weeks of job and soul searching. I found a job, at a very low rate yet, less stress. Less stress after ng training. hehe Nothing drastic naman nangyari that month, hmmm ah yes, that ainol tablet, such a blessing at that time. =) Ah yeah, sunod sunod na birthday at the end of that month, I made Joanne quite angry kasi mali yun alala ko sa mga birthday ng friends. Bakit kasi magkakadikit di ba? hehe

November – Remember November.. Hmmm I thought I won’t make it to pass that thrilling training but well, I’m here and living it. hehe Kahit ganito ang sked ko pwede na pagtiyagaan, at sana by next year once that other LOB transfers eh kami naman ang maraming seats, meaning, we can have a normal sked. It was thrilling kasi aba lahat pumasa ng language training kasi naman non voice so dapat ok lang. Pero nung product training aba, may mga inalat. Grabe that was close, I’m 2nd sa training batch. hehe Thank God for this and yeah, I can build something with this job. Kahit maliit. Ah I was able to start watching the vast collection of movie I have, weekly filmfest. Well, like I said, some good things meant not to last. Crap. Ah yeah, getting to know somebody new as well.

December – A month to be jolly and merry. For me, at the middle of it, alat na. Punishing fire broke down and ayun I need to wait for a month to get it fixed. Damn, next time, ipon na lang for a better brand. Branding and yeah, better after sales service. A lot of eating this month and reunions as well. Every week ata reunion of friends. hehe Yun xmas party ng company although walang big name bands pero it’s worth the time. Great food, a lot of beer and nice place kahit medyo malayo lakarin. hehe Sayang, di man lang ako buenas sa raffle. Natapos na din ang clearance from teletech, very accomadating despite well, few HR personnel. Not bad. But of course, it’s not really a worthwhile experience there.

That caps off the year, even I’m quite unlucky with finances but lucky to have rest, some span of time of thinking and planning. Meeting new people, some are interesting.. hehe Knowing I have him, family, and friends to rely.

I’m still grateful for this year and well, leave 2012 and looking forward to 2013.

A better year indeed!


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