Champion’s Arise!

Last year at KCON, they announced that the theme for the next one is Champion’s Arise.. After some months and yes, muntikan pa ko di makabili ng ticket, even with the shorter array of talks eh at the end, it’s better!

Better than last year I can say. At kakagulat, ang daming pumunta, kala ko may isa o dalawang stream na di mapupuno, anak ng tinapa, lahat jam packed! Oh God. hehe Yeah as I still remember na sabi ko di na singles yun stream ko for this year eh di ko nasunod. May reason naman pala si God dun. =)

First of all, I want to thank Dad for this gift. hehe Despite the situation, you’ve still helped me. It’s a big help for me. =) You’re the best, Dad!

I chose Catholic Faith as my first stream. By the way, this year the format was choose 2 streams in two days, from a variety of topics you want to learn or inspire. From worship to business streams in first day. Then from the streams last year like singles to leadership. Pinili ko yun Catholic Faith kasi yun ibang stream na gusto ko magkasabay pa in one day, like business and career. Business I don’t really need it now lalo na may experience na ko for that. Pero siyempre mas maganda kung yun ang kinuha ko for more ideas. hehe

Career was another bright choice, however, nakita ko yun speakers and ano topic… I knew it. Let’s I was able to avoid the inevitable. hehe Better yet I chose faith since ang builder eh si Bro. Arun then the speakers might help me to understand more sa Catholic Faith.

First speaker sa stream was seasoned, veteran actress Pinky Marquez talking about her experiences about her faith, lalo na before.. Kahit di detailed eh it’s a heartwarming experience about yun doubts niya about our faith kasi napangasawa niya before not in the same faith.. Tapos how she came back to catholic faith because of her role of Mama Mary in theater for the Magnificat, then shown us her God given talent.. Singing! I was thinking that time, damn Karel has a great Mom, that’s why she looks good. hehe Layo no.

Next speaker was the feast builder in SM Manila, mentor ng Rad Men, Bro. Obet. I admit, I am not a fan of his… Pero, after his talk about the basics of catholic faith through the acronym issues, eh fan niya na ko. hehe Simple yet fun way of answering some basic truths of our faith with the help of vatican doctrines. =)

Sumunod eh eto na.. Alam na, si Father Rap Rap.. =) One of the priests that made my recollection memorable sa the feast Alabang. hehe Honestly, I forgot what he discussed in detail kasi naman sa great fun and lines niya, but I remember eh he talked about we as catholics should serve according to our purpose. Definitely, iba yun talk niya here than sa recollection. How important is our faith to search that purpose. Yun ating faith eh one of our core in our life that needs to be fed of God’s eternal word. Naks.. Quite deep pero grabe ang tawa ko lalo na sa huli through his adventures of his service.

Lastly, eh another priest that really surprises me kasi sa looks niya kala mo very serious or yun intimidating.. Hindi pala. =) What a high time for the year of faith to be discussed in detail by Father Mario, he discussed why us a country who has 80% of its population is into catholic faith, still eh we’re among the poorest and worse, corrupt countries. I agree with his explaination, we have broken values. Like palakasan, crab mentality and you know yun mga values na I know it’s there pero most of us just live through it. Then sama pa yun hyper faith.. Relying so much sa faith that we forget that our actions are equally important to our faith. The year of faith wants us to revisit our faith tying it through prayer and service to him. =) Love God, Jesus, and be blessed by the Holy spirit.

I can say despite the lack of discussing in detail about the catholic faith or kahit sana may Q and A portion for us, ok yun stream. You might ask parang theo ba hanap mo style? Yeah, but not that sleepy type discussions. hehe Ok na siya because the way delivered was simpler and fun, effective. Even the time is short for each speaker eh sulit naman, di naman sila kinulang. Or sumobra.

I’ve chosen singles stream kasi, hmmmm I took leadership last year at ok na sa kin yun. Yun ibang stream doesn’t interest me. Lalo naman yun single blessedness at youth. hehe Eh kung binebuenas ka nga naman..

First speaker is from business works, it’s Ardy, or damn I forgot his name! But really a great speaker. I wrote some notes nga eh. hehe That business works company, worth it pagnapaseminar kayo sa kanila, not only authorized John Maxwell facilitator but damn, has inspiring speakers. Francis Kong, Anthony Pangilinan, then this dude, sulit! haha

He talked about how achieve success in life through decisions, actions and being consistent and most importantly, character! 10% of success can be attributted sa skills, but the remaining 90%, comes from character.
Well, he inspired me to really focus in my strengths, working in my weaknesses and yes, achieve great goals bit by bit. =) Itatago ko yun simple notes sa powerful talk niya.

Next one was about Spirituality at work. Title pa lang parang boring na, but once Mike Joseph entered, it’s a great talk about how faith you have will inspire you not only to do work, pero siyempre direction in life. He has some pointers, pero focuses more sa obstacles in achieving spirituality. He gave these five pointers, Sin, temptation, impatience, passivity and over spiritualization. Naks. I thought, well, parang napagdaanan ko lahat ito ha. Pero binigyan niya ng ways how to go through at tama naman siya for each pointer, like discernment, seek wisdom and add skills, prayer at guidance din. This talk kahit slow eh, enriching at fun naman. I am alert all the time kahit medyo slow or dragging yun topic.

Last one was the highlight of the stream. Two speakers eh sulit na sa kin, I can go home. haha This one, great thing I didn’t miss it. Joseph and Rica, a loving couple. By the way, before that, kakakilig yun sharing ng isang bro kasi from a state of nothing, I mean nawala sa kanya lahat, eh biglang naging in place lahat because of his faith and service to the Lord. A happy ending din kasi after kasal niya with his fiance, Barcelona lang naman ang honeymoon. hehe Kaya yun ang kulit ni Rica kay Joseph. hehe

Joseph Bonifacio, a pastor sa isang church, more sa youth and dedicated servant, married Rica Peralejo which as we all know, lalo na sa guys, from teeny booper to hot screen star, to a dedicated wife and serving the Lord. You’ll ask yourself, how they become married? I saw Rica leaving yun morning show sa dos, reasons eh she’s getting married and sorts tapos, may iba sa kanya.. Parang she became conservative and happy despite not making films or shows. I wonder, sino kaya pinakasal nito at naging ganun siya. =)

Just there, ayun, she’s talking about how relationship works and it should work under one God. Joseph on the other hand, charismatic but well, not that stunning. Yet very engaged on what he preach and making it easy na lahat eh makasunod sa kaniya. Natawa yun share niya about one ball na pinuntahan nila, ayaw niya talaga sa lights ng showbiz, kaya yun, balikat lang nakita sa pic ni Rica. hehe

They discussed together on how malaman or how to find the right mate. Simply but a
lot of hard work at discernment. First they talked about siyempre, ikaw, dapat malaman mo kung sino ka and even your weaknesses na papaalam mo sa partner mo. Committed to make changes as long na nasa tama hindi yun pinilit ka or you don’t sacifice that much. Knowing yourself helps siyempre finding who is right for you, yun sa tingin mo sino makakasundo mo.

Second is knowing your partner more. Siyempre normal sa inyo may common interest or views in life, pero it’s not enough to know your partner better. Important is you need to know more of your partner and nourish para magtagal kayo. if you know each other up to the most inner secrets eh you will trust an understand better and love unconditionally in the future.

Lastly, put God in the center of your relationship. In one God above your relationship, at una siya tapos pangalawa ang iyong mahal eh malaking tulong yun. Like all other relationship or example na lang kay Rica and Joseph, they serve together, they pray and go to church together kaya yun trust nila sa isa’t isa become stronger kasi you won’t do things that will look bad in the eyes of God and even your longtime partner.

Siguro looking back in my past relationship, eto yun sobrang kulang sa relationship namin. I mean I’ve no problems knowing her or kilala niya ako. We even felt kami na talaga, kaso iba lang talaga faith namin. I can’t decide which to go.. Praying and serving together.

After the talk, of course, nawala yun stigma ko kay Rica. Naks, we are happy for her and now, she’s living the life what God wants for her. I hope she can comeback sa showbiz. she’s still stunning. hehe More beautiful than I watched her in a film titled Balahibong Pusa. hahaha for Joseph, keep up the good work and continue serving to God an proclaiming his word in a more easy way. Damn you’re lucky. =)

KCon this year indeed became better and I hope they will continue to do this, inspire and enligthen more people through fun and motivating talks from people who succeeded through God’s magnificent grace.

It made a champion arise!


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