Is 4 years worth the wait? It is..

After Quantum of Solace which was not a good Bond movie, I kinda lower my expectations with this film even with a star studded cast and a wonderful director. Those details was announced just last year after filming returned, due to financial hiccups.

After 2 and a half hours of watching even my Dad fall asleep some parts of the movie, I was amazed how it ran.

I missed the first 5 minutes of the flick because of the long line outside in the ticketing booth but anyhow.. All I can say, this Bond film is at my top 5 great bond films. Of course my number choice is The Spy who loved me, then next is Goldfinger, and the next 2 are Skyfall and Casino Royale, lastly, maybe Goldeneye, or A view to a kill, but I’ve not decided yet for that 5th spot.

Story is simple, James Bond is tasked to locate the man who has the HDD from MI6, while catching the dude, he was shot and end up dead as M proclaimed. After sometime, Bond refaces back to MI6, but the terrorist already killing MI6 agents because of the HDD and time is running out to catch the madman. Then, the chase is on to locate the madman and it happens that he knows the past of M. With the help of his associate who shot him, Q and a government offical who try to save MI6 so they can catch this terrorist, James Bond needs to give all to save M and MI6 from destruction even with the blown up headquarters.

Other parts till the end, you need to watch it!

The parts that I can say well did not help the movie. The dialogue is not bad, or so british, it’s just well, the nature of Sam Mendes films are really dialogue driven, so this film almost reached the boundary of a lot of talking and the action scenes. That is the reason Dad fell asleep for sometime due to the long dialogue scenes, except for the scenes that it has Berenice Marlohe. =) Other thing that quite bother the film, the use of CG in that Komodo Dragon or that weird looking croc. It’s not polished as it may seem but it looks like they rushed making that animal. I don’t know if it’s real but definitely they did something on that animal to look like big. Besides, it’s hard to locate one of those in reality, how about in a film? I hope they used other animals than that thing. Another one, but just a feedback about Silva’s lair, hmmmm I hope they have other places than that. I thought they flew to eastern europe for it. But that’s fine for the place, it’s pretty logical especially with that flow of the story. Ah yes, I hope it had more blood for those action scenes, but it’s not really needed as it is beautiflly directed.

First what I love of this film, the action and chasing scenes are long and detailed. It’s an experience that takes your breath away, like the first chase, my Dad kinda frown that those new beetles were just thrown away. =) But the pace of it, just magnificent until of course Bond got shot. Then the chase going to the committee hearing, that M almost got shot and run away with Bond. I love the last action sequence it’s like Die Hard style with a bit of nostalgia, because of the Aston car there. The action scenes made this film not really bourne like but a James Bond flick like Casino Royale. James is vulnerable but calm, clever and quite cold blooded killer.

Second, I love this flick because of the dialogue and screenplay entails to it. It’s been a long time to see a James Bond who has a great story development, with its rise and fall storyline with a great climax at the end. The dialogue, which is not very british, the actors used plain english and great thing no one used like Scottish or Welsh, maybe for Albert Finney’s character which is understandable. But the depth of the dialogue of all characters made this film so immense and unlikely for a James Bond film worked. I hope that the screenwriters will go back for the future James Bond flicks. The feeling of each character through it’s story really show well and precise to what the story goes. Some surprises also helped the story kept going until the end.

I should really give credit to Sam Mendes because this film is really beyond his usual film. Mostly well, drama flicks. This one, he put some effort more to action than the drama parts because he believed in his cast. That’s a great decision for his part so he can focus more in what the movie should show, than the drama scenes. He had faith to this cast and it delivered effortlessly. Although like I said there were parts that quite almost made me fell asleep, the pacing is just right and gives it all at the end. Give credit to the cinematography and context of the locations as well, how he used those locations to blend with the film. Thanks to him, we have a great Bond film for the ages.

Lastly, as the director have faith to his cast, give big credit to the actors. Now, Daniel Craig’s best performance as James is here. It is, so this one should help him get good roles in the future. His portrayal of James Bond is coming of age, developing into something in his own, and a good looking Bond. Great looking Bond. Judi Dench also for all the James Bond flicks she made, she gave it all for this one. It’s sad that this is the last one, you’ll see why, but I really commend her for doing consistenly a lady M, her strong will personality shows here and her passion of serving to MI6 shines here. Another one, Javier Bardem, simply one of the baddest villain James faced in the series. Silva’s character is kinda psychotic yet calm madman. That blond hair fits him and simply amazing portrayal from him, I love the scene where he is in the glass cell. Quite scary dude, and how he attacked Skyfall and M.

The supporting characters here are fantastic, from Naomie Harris which we will see her a lot later due to her quirky role. Ah, Ralph Fiennes as a great actor always be, I’m definitely looking forward to see him in the future James Bond flicks, he’s quite a copy of those old James Bond bosses. Q is an interesting character to look at it, young, smart and pale looking, very deceiving with those glasses. Albert Finney? Quite suprising character, I am thinking at the end, where is Albert Finney in Skyfall, and realized after a second look, yeah, very clever role for him. Great part for him. Lastly, Berenice Marlohe, well, spoiled milk. What I hate in Daniel Craig’s Bond series is all the great looking ladies were killed. Eva Green’s character stood the longest screening time but ended up killed. =( Gemma Arterton which I love because I saw her in Quantum of Solace’s role, way better looking than Olga, innocently killed. Damn.. Then here, Berenice as I hope she will be saved or lived all throughout like the other Bond girls, was killed abruptly.. Damn, I hope in the next Bond flicks, the better looking lady will live until the end. Please! =) But her role served right for the film, not bad for a first timer actress.

Anyway, for the SkyFall, one of the clever titles for a Bond flick. Interesting to look at James Bond roots and that place is kinda far. Great title for a great film.

The last 2 flicks for Daniel Craig for James Bond will be quite a big pressure because of this great one. But for me, as long the cast is good, not complicated and dumb plot like Quantum and serious acting, I won’t put big expectations for the next 2 flicks. As long they deliver, James Bond will live forever.

James Bond will return..


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