Kung Ako’y Isang..

(computer hacker)

Hell with that cybercrap law whatever!!!!! hehehe Naisip ko lang, what if.. Ang course ko eh Com Sci, tapos I choose system administration or magaling sa MIS.. Management information systems.. Or kaya magaling ako sa programming.. Malamang, dapat alam mo ding maghack! The first thing to do is try to hack financial institutions! hehe Trip lang. Eh sa call center/bpo nagagawa yun, paano pa kaya yun mga outside hackers. Kaunti espionage lang sa company, some loose customer info or kahit sa website and google, then tadah! Pwede na try maghack. I read one article sa isang magazine, na may isang criminal sa states which I forgot the dude’s name.. Grabe, ang galing ng ginawa niya!! Sa sobrang galing, eh until now, di siya mahanap.

Paano ba naman, dati siya nagwork sa malaking US brokerage firm, then got the process on how to apply for mortgage ata, then some searching the SSN websites, then has an automatic dialer sa computer, voice changer then some luck.. Syphoned hundreds or even millions of dollars to pensioners, ang malas eh yun military pensioners pa. Grabe, tapos di siyempre siya papayag mahuli. Inayos niya muna paano mag launder ng money which is to tell you the truth, it’s a training sa financial institutions. From my experience, we should know how it works. Eh siya, complicated ang trail kaya di siya mahuli. At nung nahuli ang trail and like the transmission nung ginagawa niya, authorities were too late. Until now, I don’t know kung nahuli na siya.

How about that I love you virus? Geez pinoy lang gumawa. Eh kung di naman financial institutions.. Games naman ang ihack, or simply the OS! First target, MAC OS in it’s mobile devices. Kaya jailbreak agad. Mautak si Android, pagbigay sa other mobile manufacturers, yun main code lang pala.. Tapos the rest of the OS for the phone eh sa manufacturer na, kaya parang walang jailbreak sa mga Samsung, LG, Sony and others. Kaya kumikita pa si Android/Google through apps. By the way, their OS for mobiles are free as they claim. Pero yun MAC, next month, may beta na for jailbreak sa IOS 6. hehe Games din sa console kung matyaga ka maghack, imbes tapusin mo yun laro, may cheat ka na! hehe

Then, yes.. As a hacker, and yes, spying for intel.. Malamang, get other info through web na pwede alam mo na.. To sell, use it to your advantage or worse insider trading. Parang benta din na ikakasaya ng trading players especially in business or stocks.

Or well.. Penetrate the business process through certain programs they use. But that’s impossible unless genius ka sa lahat ng computer applications available on earth. God like ka na. hehe Kakabaliw ata yun.

At ang pinakamalakas na trip eh  lalo na dito sa pinas.. Just hack a website and nobody will catch you! hehe Evident naman, do that in the US or other countries, sa kulungan ka babagsak.

Dito? They are still interviewed!!!! Ang tindi naman. Nakasuot pa ng Guy Fawkes mask! Ang kapal talaga! hehe Pero tapang di ba. And sad to say, as much that law is a law but well nastop because of the TRO pero it’s just another bland style of justice here. Nasusulat nga, hanggang dun na lang. Paano tayo uunlad? I mean, other laws are existent and binding but not executed properly. Mas maraming ganun kaysa sa working laws.

And this law, eh stagnant to. Kahit walang TRO or even that Libel provision of the law will be modified or removed, none will happen. Hackers will be more aggressive and they will test the limits of the law, and loopholes will be just there and yes.. As much we want to protect property rights, personal abuses, or simply catch cyber criminals, this law won’t work. We need to have great hackers that works for the government, great gadgets to catch those suckers, and political will, then apply specific laws na din.

For now, pag nandiyan ang cybercrime law na yan..

Hackers will arise! hehe Mabuti nga, di pa ko naging com sci grad pero in the coming years, kailangan na magaral ng gusto ko…

Pag kaya ko na, ano kayang website ihack ko dito..

Alam ko na! Hmmmmm

The Gov’t Agency I hate. =)

Tapos, yeah, hack some financial website then… I have my money laundering plan na. Madali lang yun, malamang di huli eto. hehe

Then, if I got rich, I’ll be seating, waiting, just relaxing in front of a sunny beach in Okinawa. Yosh!!!!


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