Not Showing: Safety not Guaranteed

Why are you going back in time for? 

That’s the lingering question running in every character in this wonderful indie flick.. Damn, until now I don’t have a answer to that question. 
Anyway, this film caught my attention from its trailer some months ago. It also says from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, which is great, so yeah.. It’s about a funny ad written in a newspaper, a dude is looking for someone going time travel with him, you need to bring your own weapons, safety not guaranteed and yes, you’ll be paid once you get back, he onlydone this once before. Ah yes, the editor wants to check if this is true, and he is accompanied by 2 interns. Jeff is the editor, then Darius (a girl) and Arnau (indian male) are the interns. So, they went to the person’s place and discovered the guy who posted the ad is real, the dude’s name is Kenneth. The journey starts as they found his place, Jeff tried to convince Kenneth to be his partner but failed. Then Darius comes over to Kenneth and he likes the attitude of Darius so he let her in with this time travel mission. Jeff also has other things in mind, he also wants to check his high school fling at the present. He also wants to help Arnau to enjoy the trip! They encountered everything as they discovered whether Kenneth is really nuts or telling the truth.. That’s it. 
Sorry cannot spoil, it will ruin your viewing pleasure if I tell what happened. Go and watch this film!!! =)

A near perfect fun lovely film has it’s flaws. One was even the film is short, there were moments that quite slowed down the pace, some dull dialogue especially at the middle of the film.  Another is, not really a flaw but a suggestion, I hope there was a romantic connection early at the film, maybe at the middle of the film. There was for Jeff, but for Darius, well it’s only at the end.. I just want to see how Aubrey Plaza takes on some romantic acting. 

Speaking of her, yes lets go what’s really made this film remarkable. Yes, the great casting for this film! Damn, Aubrey Plaza is great, like other critics, this is her film, at last! Now, I’m interestedof looking in her other films than Scott Pilgrim.. I want to see Parks and Recreation, hmmm Other flicks she’s into. Even she’s into deadpan comic but she has great upside for very romantic one. Wow, how about her next flick? To do list. I’m going to wait for that one. She just delivered a fantastic performance, funny, clever and lovely. I love what she did at the second part of the film, as she well have feelings and not doubting Kenneth even at the course of the film, he’s damn weird. Of course, don’t miss the first part because she’s very deadpan funny and quite sexy. =) Ah yeah, I saw some of her other skits, hostings in youtube and can’t believe she’s really good at deadpan comedy, especially if its about her life. It reminds me of Daria, that MTV cartoon, the snobbish eyeglass chick. Well I hope she’ll have more flicks and other than deadpan skill acting. I’ve seen a lot of interesting actresses this year, not those big names but she stood out for this year.
If you love Jake Johnson at New Girl, he’s the slacker friend of Jess there.. You’ll definitely laugh and go for him in this film. Brash yet funny guy, think of Bradley Cooper less the great looks. But he’s damn funny and crazy especially the scene that he encourage Arnau to dig a chick! I also love what he didat that scene were he met his High School fling and well, sad ending for him. But anyway, he’s just damn crazy fun dude there. The indian dude also done his job of being a simple nerd and keeping himself in place until he nails the chick! =) Ah, the boss of Jeff, the former fling, and yes… Don’t forget Kenneth played by Mark Duplass, which is utterly convincing at 90% of the film that’s he crazy.. I love how he delivered how being nerd and crazythen he’s vindicated in the end. So you know already the ending of this film. I love how he really plan anything and yes, even the parts of being frustrated, you feel that emotion that he’s been bullied and felt nobody understand him. Kristen Bell also made some effective appearance, so yeah, give credit to screenwriter and director for giving the right script to the right actors. Actors that I don’t like in this film, those 2 agents, damn they seem to be lost. hehe
Yes, give credit to both screenwriter and director for the pace of the film, even this flick was quite short, I’m surprised that they plotted the story just the right amount of scenes for the film. I mean, even the scenes were not that many, they were able to show the right pace and proper editing to showthe story to the viewer. Couple that with clever, funny and some profane dialogue, you have a fun and great film! And yes, to think most of the props were simple or not elaborate, the film was presented using effective location and clean cinematography. The screenwriting helped to make this film from comedic into a sci fi flick all in one. It’s not like Eternal Sunshine that it’s scifi love story in one pace, this film it’s separate from the first part until the last part of the film. 
Lastly, the music! Although it uses only some songs, the music theme of the film suits for it’s story and the pace as well. Nice songs used to enjoy watching the film but since it’s short, they only used like 3 songs for the film but I love how it’s patterned for the film. 
I can say, yeah I know it’s an unusual pair but Kenneth and Darius team seems to have good chemistry, I hope like says, this film, definitely, they can make a sequel but it should good written. Or a TV series but well they will fix the dialogue or prequel because a lot questions arised especially about Kenneth. But anyhow, if they can pull something off in a good way, as long they have well Jeff, Darius and Kenneth back, Aubrey Plaza is there, so I’m sold. Aubrey is lovely! Oh.. =)

I can say this flick, oneof the best of this year, definitely in my top five or top ten.. Or even this one can go with my usual type of flicks, Lost in Translation, 500 Days, Eternal Sunshine, Singles as well.. Alternative, hip and fun, lovely, hearfelt flick. It’s short but worth it!

To answer that question above, hmmmmm I want to go back in time maybe just before college. Or a some years back perhaps.. 
Definitely, I’ll should have a partner going back in time. 

This is the fave lines I love in the film, I have many but in the end, I thought this was worthless, but Kenneth is damn right. 
Kenneth: To go it alone or to go with a partner. When you choose a partner you have to have compromises and sacrifices, but it’s a price you pay. Do i want to follow my every whim and desire as I make my way through time and space, absolutely. But at the end of the day do I need someone when I’m doubting myself and I’m insecure and my heart’s failing me? Do I need someone who, when the heat gets hot, has my back? 
Darius: So, do you? 
Kenneth: I do.


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