Taken 2

I can’t believe that as much I want to give at least good credit for this flick, it seems, it earned big. It fooled a lot of people as the box office reports says and the long line I saw here at SM.. Everybody was kinda ecstatic about it. Geez, anyway, I should have watched End of Watch instead.

Of course, everybody loves the first Taken, like me.. Can’t deny the surprising action role by Liam Neeson about saving his daughter from human trafickers.. I thought, well a second one should be done, at least it’s either Brian is into something in trouble again through a different situation or discover how he learned those “skills” from his past missions. Sort of a prequel..

Sad to say, none of them happened in this sequel. I am surprised that they claim it has a bigger budget which I felt not, it doesn’t look like one.. Except maybe for those grenades, and a lot of car crashes and one explosion.

Well, destination was Turkey which I thought cheaper doing a flick there than in Paris.

The sad part was the plot itself, Brian and exwife was taken this time by the father of those kidnappers in the first taken and thinking of brining their corpse in their son’s graves! For short, they somewhat want revenge. Oh well, another sad part as much Maggie Grace looks better this time, quite hot frankly, all she did was to run, get some clothes and drive like hell.. Then Famke Jansen, she did was scream, breathe, more breathing, fake dead and yeah, alive. Such beautiful women and good actresses wasted their well talents in this flick. I hope the writing and screenplay allowed them to do more.

Poor directing, as a good name shows as Olivier Megaton, it has a bad reputation of making bad flicks. Transporter 3, Columbiana and this one.. Luc Besson shouldn’t give anymore damn scripts or projects for the mean time to this director. Let’s say, Luc should go back into directing, action ones, not drama ones. Poor pace, less gore or not even blood, and yes, action scenes were fuzzy.. Even the car chase as well, maybe since the cars and SUV were high end brands, even the cab was a benz, the budget went to those cars.

Anyway, the only saving grace of this film was Brian, give credit to Liam Neeson. His moves still stands, going from the first Taken and I love what he said in the end, it made me laugh. It’s like he is letting the main villain live, go home and stop the nonsense anyway since he can beat the hell out of them. If not, he will go on killing and he’s tired of it. That was top notch acting with a poor script.

Well, I can’t cry over that 180php was gone into thin air, not really that much. I rather watch well, the first one all over again and enjoy every scene at that flick. Not in this one.

Yes, sad to say, they are now thinking for a third one..

What will be this time? Maybe Brian’s buddies will be taken this time and needs his help.

Ah definitely, he will find the villians, he will search for them.

Of course, he will kill them.


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