Dredd 3D


I hope I was able to watch this in 3D! Damn.. Anyway, I can’t believe that the first Judge Dredd flick made forgettable because of this one. That flick lead by Sly. Yes, that flick made forgettable, especially with it’s story line and dialogue and crappy effects. Great thing, a good director, screenwriter and great cast remade this film into a great action packed one! 

Watching this film made special when Dad came along! Yes!

To start this, let’s go what it can improve or some bad factors for it. One big flaw, I hope that black dude has dialogue or some action when he was taken by Dredd and Anderson, but he’s quite shy at those scenes. He’s very stagnant and kept me annoyed in some minutes with that dude. Another flaw, well Ma-Ma should have some action scenes how really scary b*tch she was but well.. It lack some action from her. One thing, not really a flaw or bad one, but can’t help the coincidence of the story to Raid Redemption ( highly recommended flick! ) but anyway, their are 2 different stories, and Dredd is a high octane scifi action flick! Raid Redemption is a high octane action flick! See the difference?

Story goes well in the near future which it looks like quite present time except for tall and battle proof buildings. Mega City is at chaos and violent, riots and crimes all around the city. Justice System appointed Judges to execute the law! They are the Judge, Jury and Executioner, all in one person.. They are quite equipped with the lawgiver pistol and fully armed gear. Judge Dredd was tasked to answer a call from a one building who reported 2 dead skinned men dropped from a high floor. Judge Dredd also needs to assess Anderson, a promising Judge needs to pass this test to become a fully woman Judge. She has low grades in tests and exams but well, she has a quite promising ability, psychic ability!

After checking the corpses, they discovered that the building is a factory making SLOMO, a slow moving addicting drug. Unfortunately, it was headed by infamous Ma-Ma and controls the building. Nevertheless, she closed the building and ordered the heads of the Judges.. Judge Dredd and Anderson has no choice but to go up, survive and finish Ma-Ma if possible.

It’s like Die Hard, Raid Redemption with cool action scenes and great 3D effects into one slick film.. As I can say.

First, I give credit to the writer and director of the flick. As they wish this flick will at least do good at the box office to make up for a sequel as they promised. Unfortunately, even in a low budget sci fi flick, they didn’t do well in the box office and left us fans, critics hoping with another Dredd flick. The pacing and dialogue was cool, especially what Dredd says, monotone but he’s simply a killing machine. Even the Evil Dredds came out, they have good dialogue. The black dude also done his part, and yes, Ma-Ma was really a b*tch. Anderson, yeah she has the touchy and dramatic dialogue, smart too. For the director, give him credit for using the 3D sequences good, especially the slow motion scenes and even the dropping of Ma-Ma. How about the action scenes? Fantastic, gore and violent! Damn that’s what I’m looking for in a sci fi flick, not much confusing plot but pure adrenaline action.

Second, yes the effects team should give credit, like the first scene which Dredd attacked the gang, wow even it’s cut at SM cinema in a R-16 rating, that was a good shot.. I was having fun at those dudes who just took SLOMO and they were really stunned that Dredd shows up. The lawgiver! Damn, that’s quite possible pistol that we can do now. Voice activated changing bullets and modes. I thought that one shot was flare but it was a scattering molotov bombs!!! You can see that in the trailer. I love how it works if somebody tried to use the lawgiver, ask that black dude. =) Yes, the scene which they used the chaingun to a floor that was scary and pulse setting scene, Dredd and Anderson were kinda lucky. Even the first scene! Damn, it was clever but well.. Sometimes trailers give you the wrong plot. But all I can say, not bad for a low budget flick. The setting was well shown, the future setting and it was not really complicated like Total Recall.

Lastly, the actors! Karl Urban is really into action flicks, except for pathfinder.. I find him fit in action flicks! Even in RED, he’s damn good.. He is definitely fit for Dredd or if there is a sequel, just find him again. All other unknown actors, even that black maniac dude, give credit to them. Ma-Ma (Lena Headey if I got it right) give her credit for being such a villain and b*tch! =) Great thing that Dredd gave her something to bring at her grave. The evil/bribed Dredds! Interesting how they fight each other and how they worked. Ah yes, if V was better with the mask all the time in the movie, definitely, for this flick, it’s better to have Dredd wearing that big dark helmet all the time. Although you wish you can see his face at least for few seconds, nah as they are faithful to the comic, they just leave it there. Ah yes, don’t forget, smart, yet feisty and hot Olivia Thirlby! Damn.. As much you want her in the sequel in case, she will not be there as the comic suggest. Damn, her portrayal and her psychic skills really shown in the flick, delivered it just right and I hope I can look forward in other films with her in the screen. I just got UNITED 93 and let’s see what she did there. =)

Definitely, worth keeping if this is the first and the last. Forget what Sly did. Wow this year even with some crappy action flicks, definitely this year has more good action packed flicks! This is one of them and yes, for a long time, a real violent scifi flick. I’m not sure I’ll consider Underworld but this flick, is more sci fi, a different universe.

Judgment is coming!!!!!!

“Ma-Ma is not the law. I am the law!” -Dredd


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