At last, Yes!!! Wala na.. hehe Nakaalis na ko.. Grabe, geez.. I’ll just wait for my back pay. Sad lang, wala pang work. This month, I’ll be looking for work na at least malapit. Medyo lie low muna sa Makati place and yeah, at least a safe place. I’m not sure if I can get a job really near sa min, but better to try than nothing. =)

I’m still waiting for the gadget that at last will read any movie file I have!!! And some good features, in a great price. Kahit di sikat ang brand but definitely, panlaban sa big brands. This month, I won’t rest that much because I need to work right away due to funds at siyempre ibang binabayaran. Pero talagang susulitin ko na tong pahinga na to, especially my job will be the same, di pa ko nagreach ng point to really get the dream job. Few small steps and more waiting time, I’ll be there.

No more posting at Multiply, bahala na sila!!! hahaha Mukhang maghahabol na lang ako sa pagpost at the end of the month for this. Just giving myself a break.

UST will win the championship!!!! Sana. hehe Hmmm what else, I just want to start at the right track starting this month. Kung madapa, edi tayo ulit, move on or sort of. For this month, I’ll just enjoy the short rest I’ll have and take on the challenge.

Nothing will happen to me if I stay just here waiting something to happen, besides he gave it already those simple things I need. I hope next week, I’ll work to something will connect me to my dreams.. Naks, at yes, I’ll be an old fashioned way.

Can’t wait what will happen by next week, for now..

Eto muna, simply pahinga.

Go USTe!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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