Ring! Ring!


“The human voice is the organ of the soul. ”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Now, I can’t believe I’ve been in a number of companies worked for the past years. Even this is not my dream job, well can’t help but still say thank you for it and I’m still here, survived economically then having helped my family in some sorts. I haven’t made a post about how my job works and the industry I’m working in.

This is the time to reveal my insights, views or even rantings and yes, some tips. It’s not only for me but for others who might looking for a job, and thinking is this job for me? Customer service representative, Customer service agent, Inbound customer service, or it has a lot of titles, whatever you call it. It only does one thing, help the lost customer to meet his needs or sometimes wants.

I may give some tips if this place is good with the companies that stays with it. Locations you can go, or how about how to get there, and yes.. I might give some well, who is the client behind these call centers. The confidentiality agreement? Over.

I can’t believe that the Philippines emerged as the number one call center hub in the world. Surpassing the big BPO provider India! Even indian call centers also flock to us to offer jobs. Just look at my previous work, I was surprised that it’s an indian call center.

Wayback 2005? Geez, Philippines just starting to pick up and I don’t even think we will be able to become the best because the companies that invest in our country were small in number. There were less “in-house” companies stationed here before than now.

Present time, we’ve become the number one call center hub in the world due to our great skills in speaking English and yes, even our hospitable quality was commended in that success. I’m proud that I was able to see now in the newspapers or news sites, simply amazing for all of us agents. Now, we are now targeting not only the call center industry, but the whole BPO industry as well, getting chunk of the other services to invest in the country.

Well, it’s been a journey for me until now that with the experience I got and the fun I’ve been working in this industry, but I guess it’s not really for me. I don’t even think I want to be a Team Leader of sorts, especially if the account is quite toxic.

I hope with this series of my walkthrough in my job will guide you or understand that in this industry, it’s not easy. You will need a lot of patience, skills to learn and most of all, a voice that shows your finishing the job for your customer. Even it’s already beyond your limit. Yes, this work will also test your decisions, even your morals…

Indeed, our voice is the primary tool to survive in this tight industry.

Let’s start at a place which is quite far from my place.

Oh that title? Well, that’s the signal when you have an interview or worse, an assessment in training or doing a mock call.

Never comes out from my ear. It’s always there.


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