Eye of the Beholder

A young couple seems to be enjoying their blizzard date.. Sweet as this very tasty blizzard that they love to share. It looks that guy is older than the girl, around early 20’s. Girl looks like just graduated from High School. They love the color white as seen in what they are wearing.. They are also fond of big glasses. Even it’s really bright here inside. Fashion statement perhaps..

The place was kind of bare, it has only 3 customers.. Including me. Maybe it’s the time of the day and the weather may also affect it’s sales. It’s rainy season then few will buy ice cream at this time. I hope even once in a lifetime, I can eat the ice cream cake besides me.

The cab right across me is closed for renovation. Geez they don’t need one unless they will put a real yellow cab in the restaurant.

Even it’s already lunch time, few people seems to stroll around. I feel sorry for the fliptop shop near me, I hope they sell a lot this day. Sorry it’s a fitflop if I read it right. Damn I need to check my eyesight these days.

An old couple comes in and buy some sweet treats.. Another sweet date?

I see people walking in office clothes, going for lunch or some window shopping to kill time.

A long table quite empty. Nobody wants to each pizza at lunch..

Tasting my rocky road blizzard made me realize that it’s almost the same to double dutch!! Less nuts I guess..

One family passed by almost come in but maybe they haven’t eaten lunch. They need to eat lunch before eating desserts. 2 med studs just came in and with a smile of their faces they don’t yet what to buy. I suggest they choose sweetest blizzard to ease stress in their studying brain.

Then a kid comes to me wih his DS to say good morning. How nostalgic to be a kid like him. Just playing his toy and having fun all day. Mom sits besides the kid.. Pops at my left looking in a dazed state.

Med studs after buying some blizzards, looked lost when they leave the store. Looking for a library..

Nah, wrong guess, the dude left and sitting beside me is a mom and son tandem. Loving mom gave the kid a simple vanilla cone then Mom gets her 6 oz blizzard. 20% battery remaining..


That’s all I can say.. But wait! Passed by 2 studs from MCU, by the looks of them, they’re studying in college. Especially that one, typical innocent college girl.. Hmmm

Time to save some batt!! Arghhh.

Till next viewing. I still savoring the action packed Dredd last night.


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