He’s always seem to be quiet, just saying a few words about what he wants or what he see. Always tricked because he is slow and cannot speak much. 

He’s very angry fast when he can’t get what he wants. Curses you an won’t even talk to you. He don’t care even you’re a family member or relative. He is not close to us, pretty distant from us.

Unfortunately, he’s a special child, autistic to be specific. He’s like that for a long time now, almost 23 years. Youngest in our siblings, and still very distant from us. Sad thing, I’m the only one who can come close to him. Even me, I hurt him for sometime in his childhood, due to my stupidity of his condition. For the longest time, I did not accept his condition.. I even questioned God, that admist of our troubles in this family why my youngest brother need to be like this?

I hated the fact that his condition won’t improve but his moodiness will improve. It did, and I got punched one time. Other family members doesn’t even have time to say hi to him which it’s needed to become close to him. That’s why now, he is quite agitated every time we talk bout other siblings. He is not also close to Mom coz his bad experience with her.

As much we want to help him, he doesn’t want to let us help him. He may not still accept his condition. He feels like he’s a normal dude but it’s really not.

Nevertheless, despite his condition, I still love our youngest brother! Lalo na these times na nagkakasama kahit simpleng labas lang sa SM. Ngayon nagtatagalog na siya, kahit dati ayaw niya. Hehe he’s calm kausap na due to the meds he takes in secret. Dati nung HS ikinahihiya ko siya, now! I truly accepted him who he is. Pero as much I want to be close to him, others seem like forget about him. It’s sad but you cannot blame them, as they have their own lives and families. Mom misses him pero he doesn’t want to see her for now. Dad cannot take care him with authority unlike before because of his health condition. He also advised me that Algerro needs one person to look at him or take care because of his condition. Especially when they’re gone. It was like some years ago that I figured out na kailangan tanggapin ko na responsibilty ko for him. Unti unti ko siya sinuyo at ayun ok kami until today. Walang bugbugan. Hahaha inggit nga ko sa kanya kasi ang babata at maganda yun crush niya sa TV! Hehe Pag ganun un naiisip niya, it has a big possibilty na di na sya nagagalt. There were times na nagagalit siya but lumilipas din. Like other cases, may talent siya for memory.. Sana maenhance ko siya, o mapapayag ko siya pumasok siya skul.

At lalo na magpacheck up sa doc para alam naman health signs niya at psychological din. Si Gerro daig pa ko sa luto at diet. Excercise din at marami siyang trip na artista, updated sa chismis. Hehe tapos yun, idol niya yun mga Tulfo brothers for now. Lagi niya sinasabi kna gusto niya magsundalo or someone with guns na matapang.

Grabe din sa kainan to, eto lang sa min oorder kailangan 2 ang ulam!! Hehe lakas kumain! Gwapito din because sa kulay niya and built. Well that’s him.

As years goes by I’m learning to not only accept him but to treat him as normal with unconditional love. =) I always pray na sana he can be productive and learn how to work by himself without any worries na magburst yun tantrums niya. I was inspired by a docu I saw sa GMA news last time na possible pala siya magwork as long he was trained and went to the school I saw in that docu. I hope one day mapapasok ko siya dun.

I hope one day when kailangan namin magsama sa isang bahay, di na kami magaaway. He will trust not only me, but any member of our family. I pray na din na lahat kami mafeel niya yun love namin at he can lean to us for his needs. Kaya sana they will make an effort to talk to him and have fun!

I know it will be a long road to reach his gap to us. Kaya unti unti ginagawa namin lahat para maging malapit kami sa kanya. We love him, and what I love about him, is his childlike attitude. Very honest and innocent. He has simple dreams and wants..

I pray that if there is any chance na madevelop yun faith niya ulit, I’ll be glad to guide him through. Dati nga nagjoin ng community sa Lourdes to kaso yun pala, may crush siya. Hehe

Hihiya nga ko sa kanya kasi lahat ng ideals o trip sa buhay halos ginaya ako, gaya ng soundtrip kaya minsan violent siya. Pero mabuti naiba yun focus niya.

God if you can give him a gift of wisdom, he’ll be successful in life. I pray if you can provide him such.

Algerro, be strong and brave, take care always! Even I get married, I’ll make sure I won’t leave you and you are still called Kuya Gerro. We love you always..

Interesting though, he’s name got from that singer Al Jareau if I got it right. Martin na lang sana Ma diba para mas maganda kaysa sa Gerro. Hehe Martin came from St. Martin de Porres

Damn they did it already for the sake of letter A.


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