Eiga Sai 2012

Started being an anime fan sa VHS, tapos watching about japan in channel 13 then some famous japanese films, ayun na.. Now, I know apart from Brit culture, or siyempre US, I am now fond sa Japanese culture.. To do that, well sana kung may pera lang ako, punta ako japan! hehe But I need to face reality, I can’t. I don’t have money and yes, I can’t even speak Nihonggo of sorts. I can’t even draw an anime character.. With the emergence ng Korean and Chinese films, culture, lalo na ang KPOP, movie and music here.. I still stand with Japanese as I discovered, they have a long history not only in world history, but also in world cinema history.. Japanese films are still doing great and yes.. One day I could understand their films, without subtitles.

Thanks to Japan-Filipino frienship month last July, ayun they always launch pala japan film fest every July of the year. Malamang I will wait for this every year. hehe I missed the Shang leg of the film fest, thank God, mabuti inulit this August at mas madali puntahan, UP lang. UP film institute..

I watched French film last June ata or July but well, di ko naabutan yun ibang film. Cinemalaya was nice and now this Japan film fest, never to be missed. I searched first kung ang line up this year eh maganda.. After reading some reviews, hell with them!! Kahit maganda or panget yun film, it’s good pa din, free eh. hehe

Sabi nga ni Rheg, Maria Ozawa daw ba papanoorin namin. Hahaha Edi sinara yun UP film institute niyan. I wish Sora Aoi was there sa film fest kaso very small pa lang yun mainstream flicks niya eh. hehe

As much I want to watch all flicks lalo na yun ninja kids that was a family flick from Takashi Miike, eh due to work schedule at errands, di ko napanood lahat.. But one thing is for sure, definitely I’ll wait for this next year!!! Hai!!!!

Happy Flight – From the director of Waterboys (the all male swimming synchronize team comedy), Swing Girls (high school jazz brass band that I recently watched, very great one) plus one of my crushes, Haruka Ayase (female version of Zatoichi) made a film about how the airline crew works, from the pilot, FA’s and even the aviation authority. A fun film, kahit medyo predictable, pero ok naman, ang nagadala naman yun mga actors! From the nervous pilot, tapos yun mga makukulit na FA’s, then the ground crew stories. Yun pace mabilis and made me think, paano na shoot yun airline scenes in such a great moments at fun scenes. Not bad but not very good.. But worth a collection from that director. I’ll put this below Swing Girls. Lovely Haruka Ayase done her part, kawaii!!!! hehe

Tomorrow’s Joe – A manga adapation about boxing. A homeless kid was trained by a washed up boxer to defeat the kid’s nemesis when he was prisoned. Great setting and costume design, was able to depict the 60’s atmosphere. Although may mga big plot holes, nacompensate naman ng mga main characters, at lalo na yun great boxing fights, kahit makulit yun shots. I give credit na din sa actors, kahit medyo malabo yun story.. Eh nadeliver nila ng tama.. Not suprisingly, Japan can make their own remakes from Manga adaptations, like Yamato or other manga flicks na may anime treatment. Kung ganun, don’t give it to the US counterparts, look at DBZ or Chinese, look at City Hunter.. hehe

Ah the director, good job! From the director of Ichi with Haruka Ayase, magaling siya sa action scenes.

Permanent Nobara – Funny that eto yun film na sabi ko, tatamarin na ko pumunta kasi black comedy daw and drama.. Sabi ko nga, idownload ko na lang to, tapos yeah bahala na. Kaso wala ako makuhanan! hehe For these years, pag ganun, mostly Korean at Chinese na, but I’ll give it a break. Nagsama pa ko with Rheg and Khaye.. After watching it, eto pala yun favorite ko sa Eiga Sai this year. A complicated story about a girl who is coping from her painful divorce, kasama pa yun anak niya going home, it’s a journey towards healing and letting go. Pero ang nagdala dito eh yun, actors, lalo na si Miho Kanno if I’m correct.. Saka lahat! From Momo, mga best friends ni Naoko, the teacher, yun parents and step parents ni Naoko, yun mga usual customers ng salon, and special participation ng mga Pinay hostess/entertainers. hehe

At yun screenwriter and director, give credit kasi lalo nagiging interesting as the story goes on, especially yun twist sa end.. Great soundtrack, bagay sa film and provincial setting. Panget lang hmmmm di naman panget, some minor flaws lang. Sa back story ni Naoko, lalo na yun nakuha niya sugat, parang may kulang pa o gap pa about her feelings toward sa Mother niya or the father na di pinakita.

Good thing I have a copy na. hehe For Villain, yeah, madali lang makakuha, I’ll watch it here.

Anyway, it does show na Japan is not behind with dramatic themes.. Kala ko kasi puro visceral, action or horror flicks lang sila.. Or how about controversial flicks. They are still a powerhouse and it’s a good thing that others are following or already followed them.

Sayang di ko napanood yun ibang flicks but that’s fine..

Looking forward to Eiga Sai 2013! Yosh!!!!!!!


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