classics: Fast times at Ridgemont High

While searching for good ol 80’s high school movies, there were a lot. Although my fave was Ferris Buehler’s Day off, there were a lot to choose from after that.. John Hughes movies like Pretty in Pink and The breakfast club. My brother’s favorite movies like weird science, earth girls are easy and others.. When I checked the list of great 80’s high school flicks, well.. I encountered one title that surprised me in those lists.. Fast times at Ridgmont High!

Damn, that movie simply did not disappoint me. =)

MPW-18028Dude, I want to get stoned! Hahaha

But for this film, let’s go for the forgivable flaws. The likeable characters like yes, Linda and Jeff should have more screening time. Although all their scenes were fun to watch but yeah.. I hope they had more screen time than those main characters which for me, quite bland characters. Even Forest Whitaker’s character should have been given a longer screen time. How about Nicholas Cage and Eric Stoltz? First and the last Nicholas Cage film that he did not even use Nicholas Cage in the credits. How about Mr. Hand? Come on, even he’s like the annoying teacher in the film, he’s such fun to watch that went crazy over his students, notably against Jeff.

Another was the OST. Let me make myself clear that it has a great OST but I think they are not inclined to brit pop music unlike what John Hughes did for his flicks. Although it has cool sounds and great songs chosen for the film, it just well not on top to other flicks which for me, has a better OST. Dude that’s it!!

First great thing about this flick! Damn, that’s what HS is all about, crazy fun, some stunts, sex and waves!!! It’s plot very simple, story about lives of each student going to finish their HS days, thinking what is right to do and becoming happy, and yes, enjoying HS life. Every single plot in that movie made sense and have fun of it, even the story of the young couple which yeah the woman is kinda eager going all the way.. She did to the wrong guy. Geez.. But in the end, their tender love blossom. How about Linda’s case? Damn, she’s hot all the time, even she’s crying at the prom. =) The scalper dude who just doesn’t think really. How about the dude who landed 3 jobs and got lucky at the end! Then yeah, Mr. Hand’s class and what studs do in class like having cheat sheets..

It’s like every scene matters and really gave you the sense of fun at those HS days. I hope mine was like that perhaps, and yeah everytime Jeff Spicoli is at one scene, cool dude!!!

Speaking of those characters. The second part I loved in the movie, definitely the cast itself. It’s hard to believe but even most of them, the main characters did not well famous enough for the long time.. But it was casted correctly for each star. Surprisingly initial roles from actors who are very famous today! You will see who are they. Good acting by the each star, even the very small role like the brother of Forest Whitaker in the movie. Or how about that weird teacher, great one. From cameos of Nicholas Cage, then small role of Eric Stoltz, then yeah Phoebe Cates as a supporting character, Mr. Hand, then the main ones of Ramone, Geek dude, Judge Reinold and revealing Jennifer Jason Leigh. Yeah!!! And of course, the great actor, of all his films I watched, this is the film I loved from him. Sean Penn.. Magnificent and iconic portrayal that all those stoner, rocker, surfer, long haired, clueless, careless, f*$ker dude!! Legendary role that was well, copied already by other actors. That’s why there were these kind of dudes in school flicks, it’s because of him.. Hmmmm I love his, “that’s my skull!” after hitting his sneakers to his head. I was laughing at his first scene with Mr. Hand and another one when he ordered a pizza straight to his class, that was funny!!! What a d*ck! =) Sean Penn really bring this movie to this status, without him, damn this film will be boring.

Lastly, I commend the director for doing a great job of motivating the cast to their roles correctly, and the pace quite right for the film, not long but it’s just enough. It’s not like Pretty in Pink that you will go only to the story of Molly Ringwald, but in this film, you have many to root for. No need to be like more laughs or mind bending, just simply the right mix of this film. Commend all the crew for making this flick, and yes, don’t forget the iconic shots of this film, from the stoner scenes, the date, the football game, how Judge got promoted, that hot scene, and yes, the most iconic scene from Phoebe Cates.. Damn, I hope I did see that in my childhood days then having some wet dreams.. Hahahaha At that dream sequence, that was played correctly by someone who has raging hormones.. Cannot believe still Phoebe has some pinoy blood. Hmmmmmm That scene played with a great guitar OST, perfect!!!! Judge was kinda lucky that time..

Oh well, the only lesson of the story? Damn, enjoy every bit of your HS life and be sure you have a pool at your house.. Whew!

I do wish I’ve done those. =)

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