Total Recall

Simply, after I watched this movie, I scrambled for the old version.. I even thought getting that VHS tape I watched since I was an innocent kid. That’s how bad was this remake for..

download (9)There were two great things for this movie when I saw, great visual settings and second, free!! Thanks to the first company’s movie day for the employees. What a way to start their treat.. Even it’s not for my TL’s request to watch this for the sake of team building, I wouldn’t waste my time and energy going to G4, sit there, eat some free food and yeah.. Went straight home like nothing happened. I knew it will be bad with that PG13 rating.

The story? As much they tried to complicate it, nah.. A factory worker always dreaming that he’s running away with a woman from those robots and got caught. He wakes up and stressed out to find some answers about the dream. He got some tip to try Rekall, a procedure which gives you dreams that you’ve never been before. A memory enhancing machine,good looking one as well. The procedure went wrong then he killed the soldiers, run for his life, met the woman of his dreams.. Went find the leader of the resistance to help him who he was. In the end, he’s a bait to kill the resistance and the government launched an all out attack to the poor state, dude and girl help to stop the attack then it ends. I’m sorry I forgot a tough chick who just don’t die until the last scene. That’s the perk of being the wife of the director perhaps.

Bad factors, first was the pace of the story. They are always running so does the story as well. As much they try to make it an art, but nah they only give bits of Quaid at the start until the end. Nothing much to really afraid of except for the president, but yeah people can stop those number of robots. Hmmmm resistance doesn’t do much, although you can see it at the news but no action from them. With all the running, great thing it’s not in 3D.

Directing well, I hope Len Wiseman can at least do some modifications of the film, he done action packed films with gore or more violent scenes but this one.. As you’re going to PG 13, you know what’s going to happen.. It will be just an eye candy and say goodbye to your 180 bucks. Like Ghost Rider 2 and last year, Sucker Punch and the list goes.. I hope he make some writing decisions, screenplay and yes, maybe some acting coach.

Acting, as much I want to save Colin from this, I can’t. He had some great films and bad films, I just hope he stay away from those remakes or big budget flicks. He’s not really lucky with it. Jessica Biel did not change a bit, I bet I like her in Stealth than this. Kate Beckinsale, well.. Like I said, husband and wife together. Nothing much said. She looks great though. The dude from Breaking Bad, wow that’s him? How he done those action scenes well, give at least credit to him. Bill Nighy, damn I believe he was paid great to do that role.

Action scenes, damn less spunk in those scenes. Sad to say, nothing good at those action scenes.

Great setting though, like blade runner style dark theme.. I love his pod with the piano but yeah that just it. Few laughs, just 2 of them. One was well the 3 you know chick. Ah the other one, I thought the one at the airport, the lady in front of the chinese man at the scanning machine, I thinking that lady will explode like the original one. Sad thing, it didn’t happen.

How about this remake, remove Sharon Stone, Arnie then his leading lady, put Colin, Kate and Jessica, the old plot with good acting then make it polished settings, I’m going to love that Total Recall. Even the machine in the new one looks cool, put that in the old flick.

Unfortunately, old wine taste better.


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