I read yun letter sent to me by once famous social site Multiply.. It was a very long letter that really gave me an impression na simply they will not cater anymore about that social aspect ng multiply. At ang malungkot sa lahat, pati yun blog aspect eh mawawala na. That will start on December 1 ata, anyway..

Malungkot kasi because of multiply, that’s the site I started blogging then nadiscover ko lang yun blogspot in a later time, actually some of my first blogs na wala sa blogspot eh nasa multiply.. Mabuti na lang may copy pa ko. That was 4 years ago and multiply was promising.. Almost all my friends eh may multiply account tapos may nakilala pa ko dun na weird, kabatch ko pala, sa kabilang section pa! hehe

The one feature I loved there was customizing the site, then you can put media files there like music at videos. Tapos yun blog pa, and chat na din. I used to really have time to customize yun site tapos there, putting some quotes.

Until na nagfocus na lang ako sa blogs and answering some messages, but after that, especially at the hype of FB, eh napagiwanan na siya.. Actually mas maganda pa maglagay ng media sa Multiply than FB, lalo na sa pics, drag and drop lang eh.

But competiton against FB, especially these just past 2 years took the toll na sa multiply. Lahat halos ng tao may computer ay may FB, kahit si mommy ko aba ako pa gumawa ng FB niya, and multiply was left out. Kung ang friendster was left out due to multiply and emergence ng FB, si multiply, napagiwanan naman ng FB. At may mga emergence na din ng ibang social media like tumblr or others.. Multiply decided to finish it’s social media functions because of well, can’t compete na. Surprisingly, they will be like friendster, they might end up in a different site. Si Friendster naging game site na lang.. Multiply announced they will be a shopping online site.

Kahit ganun ang nangyari, I want to thank multiply for the time, and fun being a user in their site for 4 years.. Because of the site, I had an idea on how to put up a blog site at yes may plan na ko to put another one for a different topic.

It’s sad that they will shut down their social features pero ganun talaga sa business.. You will need to make tough and difficult decisions to move on in a venture. It was promising though but it’s time to move on..

My Outer Heaven will be gone.. They can do whatever they will need to do, and for me, I’ll move on. Thank you multiply for at least, letting me having an audience to my complicated blog. =)

Yes, this September will be the final month using this multiply account.. If I’m here only for shopping for gadgets but I won’t log in, checking my count of blogs as well..

I feel guessing for FB, will Facebook share the same fate?

Damn, I won’t be surprised if that happens.

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