Expendables 2

When I was a child, grown up watching your favorite action idols like Sly, Arnie, Bruce, Chuck and yes, don’t forget Jean Claude!! Have you thought that one day they will be assembled in one badass action flick!

download (8)Great thing, once in a lifetime they do appear in one fun badass movie!!

Story not that complicated, and I just let you watch the flick. Let’s say after Bill the sniper kid got killed, that’s where the action pack flick starts!!

Of course as one promising action flick, it has flaws. One was well, the dialogue was kinda toned down. Like the first one, this one has the same problem, no profanity or sorts. But it’s pretty logical that Chuck Norris won’t join if there is profanity in the flick. Second, the epic fight of Van Damme and Sly was kinda short. I do understand that they done it due to it’s time contraints and yes, they are quite old, after some minutes, you know whose going to win. Lastly, no offense to the actors but I think they need to cut some characters. One to go is that MMA dude, damn his role has nothing to really show and to do. What they done to Jet Li was right, but changing it to a chick which is not that known, I mean they can get a better chick than her. There many good chinese actresses than her.. Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qi, Maggie Q, Karen Mak or Jang Geum, or if they want old yet beautiful, Maggie Cheung or Michelle Yeoh. If they allocated low talent fee, get Ozawa or Hara perhaps. =) Anyway, to cut it short, the role should be given to a better asian actress.

Cut the crap and go to what’s great for this film!

First was the pace of the story. Great job for simple storyline and give more emphasis on the action scenes!! With all the gun fights and explosions, they were able to fit that in just a short time.

Second, nah not really much credit for the director but you should give credit to all those actors joined in the flick. Plus a great fun dialogue for this film, blurting some fun punchlines.. Chuck Norris character really stands out when it comes to punchlines plus Arnie as well. How about Van Damme which it’s the first time I saw him as a villain. The dude can still kick high! Bruce done his part, then others as well and yes for the dramatic part, give Liam credit. Scott Adkins accepted the part even he’s a villain. Then yeah for Sly an Jason, nothing much changed but there played there roles well..

Lastly better action scenes!! From the first scenes until the end damn I just hope they didn’t tone it down.. But anyway, that’s fine.. More blood, splatter body parts and fun action sequences. When I was watching those sequences of action, I thought to myself.. I hope they’ve done that way younger! But as they are legends whether they are old or what.. Hell with it!! This is gonna be fun! =)

More gun fights, less fight sequences and yes more explosions!! Forget drama parts, it’s pure macho action flick. I do instead using other characters, why they can just simply name, Rambo, John Mcclane, Commando, then Dolph’s the Punisher, the transporter, Jean Claude’s bloodsport character. Scott adkins’ Ninja.. Hehe In just one flick. Well cannot do that due to rights. =(

Anyway, I hope next time and it might be the last. Bring Steven, Nicholas Cage, Donnie Yen, or even Jackie and bad mouthing Samuel L Jackson, They can bring Kurt Russell as Snake. Hehe That will give headache to the screenplay team.

As I heard before, don’t meet your childhood heroes when your old becuase of course they will be old as well.. Sigh..

With his flick? I beg to disagree!!! Yeah!!

Bow down to the action Gods while they are still there..


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