Not Showing: Comic-con IV: A Fan’s Hope

Personally, all I know before about comic-con is all comics!! New releases, signing with artist or writers, geek stuff bout comics. I never thought of going there because I don’t have such big collection or very enthuiastic for it.

download (11)After I watched this docu.. Damn I want to go to comic-con every year!!! Yeah!! I wish!! I could meet all the geeks and enthuiast in comics, cosplay, games, even the star wars fanatics.. Damn, it’s always a childhood storyland. I was suprised that this documentary was made by Morgan Spurlock.. Famous for supersize me!! =)

Anyway, I can say this documentary was not great. It was good but not better than greatest movie sold. But I love this than his osama docu. I felt this way maybe because of the topic itself. Simple, about comic con.. But this documentary is worth watching, especially for Kuya Allan.

There are flaws in this documentary, but it’s not a big deal for me because they are quite forgivable. One, is damn, I hope Morgan shows his presence for one second or one clip.. I know without him showing up worked, hmmmm I do miss this dude especially with his intellectual humor and curiosity.

Another thing is well this is not the movie’s fault. I’ll definitely agree with the film, that comic-conis not really about comics anymore. It’s very sad that very few people buys comics anymore, even others don’t know that comics exist. Very sad, I was deeply shocked at that part when that dude needs to sell his most precious comic due to financial trouble.. Many will buy that but he has doubts that he’ll be satisfied to it. Very sad indeed, he keeps already for a long time. =(

Fun parts!!! First, after watching it, the fact that Morgan Spurlock didn’t have a single apperance, except he directed it. It was a refreshing docu from him. I think he made it very fast and effective by just getting answers from the die hard goers to hard core enthuiast and yes, add some interesting characters and plot, you have a good docu for keeps!

Another thing that I love was the testimonies gave by the people who go to comic con. Fanatics alike and young at heart. They look forward to the things they love such as KISS merchandise, film releases, cosplays, console games, card games, artists, and yes, don’t forget Stan Lee. Even ones that are hollywood stars looking forward in this event to promote their films or simply enjoying the festivals.

However what I felt really brought this film worth watching for was the stories of the individuals hoping to make it big at comic con. There was an aspiring comic book writer whose drawings were good but as the checker says, he needs to improve a lot in storytelling. Although of all stories shown here, he was the one I felt sad, because he did not gain attention by a comics company but he never lose hope of getting better next time.

A soldier whose his passion of drawing Hulk also gave me some fun. At first I thought he will going to fail but in the end, somebody noticed his work and invited to do a comics cover!!! Great job by that dude. Damn, even he’s not working in Marvel, he’s good of drawing Hulk.

Yes, there was couple who always goes to comic-con.. The dude is planning to propose at comic con itself, as well both are looks like geek couple, but I felt they are not like that. They are just look like dating there, great move by that dude to do it at Kevin Smith’s panel, spill it out and of course, girl says yes.. Very sweet indeed. =)
Another one, yeah the survivor of comic con.. One of the few left, and surprisingly, he has a vast collection of comics. Just 8 million of them. Geez and due to money constraints he needs to sell his most prized possesion, Red Rave issue one which until now, I don’t know that comics. It’s worth $500,000 anyway so I got shocked that it’s worth much. Yeah, there were buyers anyway but in the end, due to strong sales at the end, he decided to pull out the comic antique. Geez who the hell will buy that?!

But I love how he decided to really have faith in his men and his principles, in the end, love for his prized possession still stands and his business as well. Damn I love that assistant of his, Ashley, quite hot. =)

My favorite story, was group of friends who where doing a cosplay for mass effect. They were thought as weirdos by there suburban neigborhood, they never mind bout them. Headed by there gorgeous leader, they worked hard especially in making the costumes, with some robotics.. They went home winners!!! Wow as their goal to be noticed, it did work, they become consultants for costumes in the game mass effect itself. Lesson? As long you have faith in your work, somebody will notice you. Big time..=)

There was a special appearance by Alodia Gosiengfiao if I got the spelling right.. And if I have the eyesight that time I watched this. She can explain that I guess..

After watching it, I do want to go there because of the sights and sounds, aura of the event.. I agree what they say about the event..

You can be whatever you want to be an you will not be judged for it..

The law stands there is only your imagination… =)

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