Ridley Scott well, made films out of his comfort zone, Sci Fi flicks for some time. Started with Gladiator then until lately, a bomb flick.. I did not even watch it, Robin Hood. Great thing, all of the sudden, years of speculation and spoilers.. He created a sci fi flick that I can say, enjoyed it. Not great but I felt enjoyed. Worth watching.. I can’t believe it run around 2 and a half hours.. =)
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Simple story, a group of explorers discovered that human origin might came outer space, and we were made by aliens out there. They followed the constellation and paths, so they reached an planet like earth. However, what they discovered might be our end.

First of all, I was not really eager to watch it because when I’m reading the trend online about it’s progress or sorts.. It’s just I’m not drawn to it’s story.. I was kinda felt like we do have other stories like that. Second, I heard that it will be like an alien prequel, and the only Alien film I loved was Aliens so, hell I don’t care about that story. But if it’s Ridley Scott, I should give it a chance.

I love about the film was really visual intoxicating experience. The CGI and effects were neatly done, one of the best of this year! I love the sequence where they were doing the exploration. The ship as well contructed. Then the visuals of the room, the projections and even the enemy ship or tomb. How about the shoots for the alien planet which it was just shot in Iceland. Greatly and nicely done.

I don’t like this film, well.. Some parts of it like, they can do better dialogue. It has good dialogue but it was short. Michael Fassbender’s character has the most lines but he has the less screen time than well, the lead actress Noomi Rapace. Others, it’s just not well used. How about Guy Pearce’s character? Even he has really short time there, it does make sense than Charlize’s role. Although her presence was just hot!

The actors in this film, well.. I love the cast for this film. Even with less dialogue, but he made it work. Ridley made a cast which work, like what he did in Alien or Blade Runner. Not that super star studded cast but an effective one. I did not like Noomi Rapace in Sherlock Holmes 2, but this one.. I love her and yes, my man Michael Fassbender!! Perfect role for an android, I thought Lance Henrikssen was good, Michael can replace him now. Especially in the last scenes, that was hard to do, acting only with your head. Ben Foster was good, just unlucky for him.. Idris Elba great role for him, got lucky with Charlize even it was not shown. =) Speaking of Charlize Theron, damn.. Even she come of age, she is still hot and I just hate how she died. I thought she will live.

Another flaw, was the pace of the story. I don’t know if they are trying to be a space odyssey but for me, it just did not work. The first scene confused me, and yes, at the end.. I wanted more. But I hope Ridley just ended in one film. I don’t know how they will make a sequel out of it, but for me, all they need to answer is who’s that alien, look like us.. Very much like us without a female human type. Also the black liquid, come on, one or two minutes of explanation will be enough. Yes, the alien part, indeed it might answer a question where they came from but nah.. I won’t buy that. The fact that the exploration was made Weyland himself, it’s just well.. They can do better than that.

I love the graphic violence and pace, especially the final scenes.. That was exhilarating ride, and the scene which Noomi Rapace used the med pod, wow.. That was some scary sh*t. =) Better than the famous belly buster in Alien 1. I want to have that kind of pod. The running was effective, the attack scenes of the alien and yes, even the last scene where they face the last alien.. How about the alien himself self.. Look like us with ripped abs but has weird eyes. How about that alien octo crap monster, nicely done. =)

Oh, I shouldn’t forget to put a good film, you should have a great director. That’s is Ridley Scott, and how he made this watchable and interesting, he set this up in the right pace and detailed show.

Hunger games I hope done what this film made good.. No restraints and fully an experience. But not that great as I experienced from Chronicle, or Avengers.. But it’s worth the time, effort and yes, another addition to my collection. However, I still put Blade Runner as his best. I think Ridley should get a great writer, that’s all.. That’s I’m looking forward on what he will do in the new Blade Runner!

For this one, another sequel is enough but many of this.. Nah.. Please end it.

I think we shouldn’t need to find our origins through films.. We have many resources about it.. It’s just how you will accept such fact or fiction.

Important is now.. We’re here to evolve our interesting race and we should not stop doing it. =)


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