Getting Older


– Damn, I can’t eat much as much I want to. Labo noh. hehe Pero I mean, mabilis na ko mabusog and satisfy sa food in a smaller quantity. Dati gusto ko isang bowl ng kanin kaya ko ubusin! Now, I full sa one and a half or two, busog na ko. Except sa chic-boy siguro. hehe

– Kahit naglilinis naman ako ng ears, eh nabibingi na ko sometimes.. Not all the time, may scenario lang. Damn that’s why I want to switch industries.

– My stamina is getting weaker, that’s why, kailangan magexcercise na. At tuloy ang vitamins at vaccine whatever. hehe

– Di naman nagbago yun grado, pero my eyes getting weak, kaya I need more glasses. Kahit malapit lang pupuntahan ko, eh mukhang I need extra pair. Unless pag pwede lasik, kaso, do I have funds?

– I need to change most of my clothes, I realized I need to change sizes, pero saka na yun pag fit na. =)

– Dati, talagang pag inuman, patayan na to! Hanggang may tumawak ng uwak. hehe Now, well, 2 bottles is damn enough.

– Wow, getting married and raising a family is a way for most of my friends. Grabe.. Dati gimik gimik lang sa HS and college, now, settling down. hehe

– Time really flies fast, my computer is 6 years old. =)

– For the past couple of years, I can’t believe those are the years na nagkaroon ako ng direction or goals to set. Planning is my fave past time but it should more than that. I need to lead my way to something.

– I tend to really save more and tight budget. Contentment muna sa mayroon ako, daanin na lang sa ibang gagawin, at having great friends. At kung makalibre sa iba, salamat!

– Looking back and laughing about the past, whether it’s a success or such a failure. Important was I learned something and moving forward.

– I know what are my favorite things to do, important things to do.. What should I do for myself and to others. May limitations pala dapat. Learning to say no sometimes..

– I also thought of keeping the things that I cherish and throw away that were just a clutter in my life.

– I learned to have more faith to Him.. Love and hope will follow.

– I also believed, that change is inevitable, lalo na if its for your own good.

– I know, some of my goals na kala ko lipas na.. Baka kaya ko pa mareach, even I’m getting older.

– As I add some years, I became wiser, calm, more forgiving, patient and most of all.. Simply older.


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