End of 2nd Quarter

What a way to end those 3 months.. Back to square one! hehe

April – Yeah, it was quite of false hopes at ayun kahit ganun, eh may nakuha naman ako na naenjoy ko. Secret.. hehe Nakita na ng CRAP yun at malaking bagay naman siya to make me happy sometimes. Although productive but no results that month.. Geez, looking back, financially? How the hell I survived? hehe Thank God.. I did watch some movies and great lenten week!!! Ayos talaga kaya ok lang yun April..

May – After some months were to go, ayun, I was able to get a work.. Sadly, di yun ang talagang target ko. But well, I have no choice but to work na.. Training started and yeah.. Damn, kala ko worst na yun ePLDT and HSBC dati, may worse pa pala dun. hehe However, may mga events na talagang ok naman, lalo na yun wedding ni Ron Marc, very simple yet memorable! Kala ko binyagan. hehe Pero grabe, sarap ng pagkain, great music and lots of fun.. Damn, we are all getting older and wiser.. Oo nga pala, di ko pa din makalimutan yun paglakad ko sa pasong tamo hanggang alphaland. hehe Ah yes, how can I forget.. Hmmm someone quite interesting to me.. =)

June – Save the best for last.. Ayun, super different from last year, happy naman lahat kahit kaunti lang ang finances! hehe Lalo na sa mga celebrants like me.. Last week ata yun, in 7 days, 4 days may birthday sa family! Mine on 11, tapos sunod sunod nung 15-17.. Grabe.. June is really a birthday month for us! hehe Kahit may mga nakalimot ng birthday ko, like others na nagtext lately lang, ok lang.. Better to be greeted than never.. Ah, yes, naextend pa yun June birthdays I know until today.. Nabati ko naman siya kanina pang umaga.. Importante sa lahat eh, mukhang I’ll stay muna here for a while sa company.. I tried to get out but I admit I was not successful. Naisip ko din na mukhang I need to parang retrain myself again this time, to be good sa role.. Parang pagnagapply ulit ako sa mga bumagsak sa kin, I am confident na papasa na ko. Besides, dito naman sa company to, at par sa sinahod ko dati, at pag buenas, may monthly bonus.. Just keeping customer’s happy.. hehe At di lang daw aabsent.. Wow..

That’s why, I want to really thank those experiences na kahit almost I failed in plans, eh what kept me going is the faith I have to Him.. I know, he wants me to go through this for now, so to become better and yes, follow some actions that I want to undertake. Saving and tithe.. Then learning mga skills, fixing some things lalo na ang obsolete kong computer.. hehe And be more organized.. I’m always plan but I don’t really write or have a real planner for these things..

Once I’ve change and achieve some things, ayun, talagang I’ll go for the best companies na.. hehe Besides, nilista ko na yun mga babalikan ko.. Vindication! =) For now, yeah enjoy this and we’ll see.. Baka magbago din naman ang isip ko, pero yun other plans, nope.. It will stay as it is.. We’ll see.. Great quote I got from today.. Failure is temporary, victory is permanent.

How long will be that temporary time?

It depends on me and Him. =)


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