4 cool bozo’s in an animated form doing great reviews for movies!!!! Damn, they were right.. Like the recent one, Cabin in the Woods, right on the money! hehe How I discovered this site? Hmmm one day, just surfing around youtube for movie reviews, of course some will be the traditional way, have a webcam and tell their stuff.. Some has elaborate studios, and some doing it at their own rooms.. Worse, at their own garage.. Just making their prescence felt in the web..

Then, one site, I saw these dudes, doing movie reviews fun and short, simple as way as they can do!!! I mean.. Like what they did in Taken, although I give a high remarks for that movie, I was laughing hard on how they review that film. Very funny!! How about, another flop film.. Battleship is a good example!!! Come on, why are you going to waste some precious time and money for explosive mess!!! Sorry for Taylor Kitsch hitting 2 film bombs this summer. hehehe They were write, it was a fun review but without even trying to watch that film, I’m convinced, it’ s just a total waste of time..

I love their reviews at Dark Knight, Watchmen, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The world, recently Chronicle and others.. I fully agree with them.. Some are not fully agree with them, I forgot those films but it’s their take, I have my own take. I also have fun listening their audio reviews!!! Unedited, more fun and wacky lines and quirky.. I’m still guessing how they do that animated review stuff, they really put an effort about this site and I hope they keep doing this for sometime. I’m not sure if they will do this even they are old. hehe They are not only focusing on movie reviews, they do reviews for video games and sorts, which I don’t really watch it. They do have other episodes about films, fun and TV..

One more thing, damn.. They do spillo parties and spill.com con which I hope they do here in my country.. If they have more fans perhaps.. If I or around just 10 fans are waiting for their coming here, it’s not feasible to do a party here. hehe I hope they will become famous here and damn.. If they think UK party is nuts, they are missing a hell of a party here!!!

I have one simple advice for them.. All of them.. Please make classic film reviews, not bluray release or home release.. Like pick a movie in random, watch the movie all of you including 3000 and review it on the spot!!! Let’s see who is really a critic and yes, just ranting about a film. hehe That will be intellectually fun!

My favorite spill.com crew member, Korey! That black intellectual n*gga movie fun dude. hehe =) Damn, he’s one clever movie freak! Then Cyrus, Leon and 3000.. You rock dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope I’ll be a guest someday in their show. =) By the way, yeah, check this site, it’s free to have fun with those movies!


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