What a way to end May.. A borderline between depression and disappointment. Well, I’m thankful na nakabalik naman ako sa Feast after a week of a miss.. Yun nga lang 3rd session. hehe But definitely next week, 1st session kaso mamiss ko ulit yun CG.. I’ll make up na lang on the next week..

Maybe I was down of sorts kasi for what happened for these past months, talagang the only way I can get a normal job is to learn new skills or to finish yun course ko.. Like other goals in life, and I don’t want to waste time now of making other plans, I need to really go through the long way.. A very long way. Besides, nagisip na din ako to really balance everything.. It’s quite late pero not to really put aside na.. Marami nang signs. hehe Thanks for his love! =)

Meaning, for now, ayun, etong present endeaver ko eh mukhang di sulit.. I’ll tell it at the right time. =)

I’ll do this for the first time, geez at feeling ko it will be the right way.. Others feel surprised nga eh.. Better to really get out of this mess, even financially rewarding, nah.. Ah for those 2 companies na talagang tinarget ko at I did not pass, I’ll have redemption. hehe

I feel kahit ganito ang feeling ko, maybe I’m rushing some things, because I know I feel older already. But faith, I believe making me this, be temperant and patience for not only for the start of this new path of mine but also for the whole process. As Francis Kong said in his one talk, success is defined by your character.. Success all through out your life..

This start of the year, ayun.. Not a good start, meaning I have half of the year left to make amends.. Good amends.. Although nagawa ko naman half na gusto ko. hehe Pero nah.. When I become successful of sorts or at least, may nagawa ako tama in the next weeks starting this month, I look back here and thankful for it.. I know and feel, these events are meaningful to a successful end..

For this month, yes, I hope it won’t be like last year.. I pray, this is indeed a happy month for me.. And some to my family members.. You know why it is happy.. =)


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