Well, recently, I was called a movie freak by one of my friends..

When there are quiz contests at work or even at the net, or how about in TV.. I try to answer them and I get them correct. Especially in charades.. Geez..

How about some movie trivia like hmmmm Phobe Cates has a pinoy blood. Nicholas Cage’s uncle is Francis Ford Coppola, making Sofia his cousin? Harrison Ford doesn’t want to go back as blade runner in the film or any associated about it, or that goes same with Mel Gibson as Mad Max.

Johnny Depp has a band called P. Marlon Brando was the highest paid actor in some time because he really demands a high paycheck in each film, even the film flops. Or how about my one of the crushes, Monica Bellucci is married to one of my idols, Vincent Cassel? Damn.. hehe

Bill Murray almost not to do Lost in Translation but it was done due to the persistence of Sofia Coppola… All the name of the characters in Zombieland are named under a city.. Except of course for Krista and Bill Murray.

Why I know all those stuff? I blame this ultimate source of movie info, =) I thought yahoo movies is enough but as time goes by, forget it.. is the best.. I got addicted to movies due to the website and the info entails in the movie. Even the movie is way crap, check why it’s a crap for example, Legion. hehehe

They go to me to ask if films are available in home format, simply check this site. About reviews on films that I have no clue about it, I check on this one as well.. I also check this site for movie news and gossip, it has also TV show news but I don’t care that much at TV shows, for most of the shows perhaps.

There are also info for pinoy films but not that extensive and detailed, unless you contribute it to them. Which I don’t want to do, I rarely watch pinoy films these days, especially those films that they do is just tingle your romantic senses. Geez..

Almost every movie info I need is in this website, and I thank amazon for it, because of making this website possible and running!!!! I hope it will run forever! hehe If I have a film and thinking of a lot of trivia about my film, I’ll do my best to make a lot of buzz or events making the film so I’ll put a lot in the trivia section of this film. Like what Edgar Wright did with his films, with a lot of cliche’s and inspirations, he intended to that for Is it true? Check it out. hehe

I love also there Ipod app imdb trivia, fun and very educational!

This site also helped me, to really root for films that I like, stars as well and even directors and screenwriters.. US, Asian or Euro flicks, around the globe. Now, I know my favorite director ever is Stanley Kubrick.. My favorite screenwriter for now, it’s hard to decide, but it’s Charlie Kaufman.. Darren Arnofsky, and David Croenberg.. But I love a lot of other directors and screenwriters.. For the stars? Damn, this space will not be enough.. hehe But for the actors, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, hmmm the recent ones, like Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender.. It will be a lot. hehe Actress? Meryl Streep, then of course, my lovely Kate Winslet.. =) Ah too many to mention about those actors and actresses..

Like I advice to my friend, since she wants to be a film buff, or others who are addicted to films this much.. I advice, check for good info about the flicks and yes, at least.. Very accurate info about the movie and how it was made.. I was suprised that some of the films I loved, they really had a hard time making one right from the start.. One very good example, 2001: A space odyssey. Right from the start, damn, even Stanley had a problem how to make the film possible. =)

That’s why, when it comes to movie games or charades, I’ll just sit back and guess what is that movie.. In full accuracy.

For anything else, I have questions or doubts, simply go to!


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