I got this site while browsing imdb.com, and found out it’s a good movie site as well.. Good for cast news and releases, some gossip and of course reviews! By the way, it’s a monthly magazine for movies in the UK, full of great info about movies. I also get some great info about british flicks, whether they are really good or not.

I love how the website looks like, there is a section full of news, a fantastic section about reviews at the right side, and some lists done by their writers about movies. One list that I really like was the 100 best protagonist in movies and 100 best scifi flicks made, and 100 great films made in the UK.. There more lists they made that I loved but I forgot about them..

For the reviews, some I like their take on the movie reviews, some just I don’t like. Great example was Quantum of Solace, they gave a high score of it, even well.. They say it’s the dark knight of Bond Movies which for me, as I watched it.. It gave me an almost headache for that bond flick.. I hope Daniel and his crew will make up in Skyfall.

Recent flicks like MIB3, they gave a passing score which they shouldn’t.. There.. That’s the only problem they have in this website.. Ah.. Another one, it’s not really a problem or flaw.. Since they focus so much with UK flicks, some of the visitors might not like it, it’s like that twitchfilm.net problem. That niche target they have is not a full advantage to go at there website.. But anyway, that’s fine.. They really focus on films made in the UK. I got other brit flicks because of this site, had a crush to Gemma Arterton because of Tamara Drewe.. How about I like Colin Farrell because of In Bruges, Michael Fassbender due to Hunger and recently Shame. In or On the loop, I love that film!! Recently of course, Brendan Gleeson for the Guard. I hope it has a sequel..

Lads, this film site is recommended for those who love brit flicks, and some reviews as well.. Even UK gets a late release of some films, it serves a better notice to film geeks or freaks like me.. Just enjoy surfing and have a bloody great time looking at it!

I hope I’ll have a subscription of their real magazine in the future time. =)


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