A year of the Feast

After a year, first time I missed not only the Feast but also the mass, first time in such a long time.. hehe Well, makakahabol naman ako this week. Thanks to my best friend Rheg, wherever you are, spritiually.. I mean alam ko nasan ka in faith.. Thanks for this one.. The Feast!

After reading Didache for years, I can’t believe na I can see live, Bro. Bo, Bro. Arun, Bro. Alvin, Bro. George and yes, my ideal girl and crush.. Sis. Rissa! hehe In a year, I’m blessed not only by their teachings and blessings, prayers from them.. Important, the guidance I have now.. The change I have especially in the image of God, talagang nagiba.. Not that vengeful or punishing God, but also a loving and caring God.

Marami na ko napuntahan the Feast, at last! Nakita ko na din QC feast. My hometurf. hehe I also had many outreach activities thanks to my Caring Group, lead by Sis April! At siyempre ang makikisig na miyembro ng CG. I look forward nga, as they know, magkaroon ng sariling CG.. Kaso di ako nakapagworkshop eh. Siguro may reason siya bakit ganun. hehe But anyway, I’m looking forward to it.

The feast also helped me not only to forgive others, but to feel worry free even problems arise or difficulties.. Calm and deep inside nervous but may strength na matatapos din ang lahat. It also gave me a clearer plan of my life, although kahit late na.. At least, now, I have other things to think or to do importantly than wasting time to regret, or even blame. I learned to move on, enjoy life and keep trying, even the small steps will definitely do.. To start para sa magandang pananaw sa buhay.

Speaking sa pananaw sa buhay, narealize ko through the feast na di lang material things are important in life. But relationships and service to others, and of course, to Him.. In his Great name, Jesus..

I know, I’m not pefect or kung gusto kong magpakabanal.. Ang gusto ko lang siguro, maging masaya ko sa buhay at sa mga taong nakapaligid sa kin. At siyempre payback to him.. Trying to be close to him every single moment in my life.

I should thank Him for the things he taught me through the Feast.. I’ll be forever grateful at kung nawala ako sa landas, alam ko may babalikan ako.. Pero di ako magpapawala sa landas. Naman.. hehe Iwas na lang siguro.

I know it will be a daunting tasks to build 1000 feasts, but don’t worry..

I’ll see what I can do to contribute for it.. =)

I pray na next year, I’ll be still writing here about the Feast and yes, makapagserve na!! Di talaga ako for music ministry. hehe

I pray that he’ll never leave my side..

I pray that I can always see and feel him in this, one of the happiest place on earth!!!

The feast!

See you at the Feast near you! =)


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