classics: Scarface

I do understand now, why Mafia, Gangs and well.. Gangsta all live in the world until now, it’s because of this film. Although a lot films does great depict how organized crime works, like Godfather, Untouchables, Goodfellas, and many more, or how about Gomorra, the italian mafia doc.. But this film, Scarface has a different touch, it has factors which made organized crime, quite popular..

downloadRappers, hell yeah like this film.. I remember one rapper has the poster of this film in his wall, then bed sheets? Geez.

Well, film was indeed a classic, I watched it and I don’t care 2 and half hours of mayhem and powerful performance from all the aspects of the film. Story was very simple. Tony Montana was an immigrant from Cuba and wants to be successful in the USA, in Miami.. But it took a different turn when he works in a gang then he made way to rise up to become a powerful drug kingpin. Of course, it’s not forever, he made a wrong decision in one of his hit jobs ended up losing his life.. Sad yet well, compelling.

Some very minor flaws of the film. Actually, it’s just well, you can forget it that it has a flaw.. But nothing is perfect, or a perfect film. One flaw was, it has so many profanity, using the F word.. I think, it’s one in each scene, except for the credits of course and the scenes were they are not speaking. I hope there are some scenes that are well, simple and good dialogue.. But well, can’t remove that word. I’m not trying to be MPAA ratings whatever, I just hope that was reduced, like what Michelle’s said in one scene, can Tony just say anything except for that word.

Another one, well I hope the scene in the bar was polished. I mean, the action scene there, I hope Brian de Palma hired good actors for the assasins but well, that’s what can they do. It has that b movie mood which was not fit for this great film. But that can forgiven, I love how Tony killed those jerks. =) He got lucky..

The good stuff? Many!!!!

First was the soundtrack, although there were almost none or less songs used in the film, great musical scoring, very 80’s to be exact. Thanks to Giorgio Moroder, the feel of the 80’s it’s there and even the scenes where something wrong happens, still used a good score for it. Especially the last scene, greatly done there. Great that the plan of having hip hop songs put in the remastered version, it ain’t gonna work. It will look and sound bad. Damn..

Second, yes, the location for it, even with less production design, well, you have Cuba and Miami, a perfect fit for the personality of Tony and yes, his empire.. Great choice and I don’t think there will be an another choice for the film. New York is good, but I don’t think that will be fit for this one. Besides, it’s hard to imagine Tony reigning with Italian’s there. Geez, he will be killed in a beat. In Cali, it’s also a good choice but Miami is perfect. Although when I checked imdb, wow.. Most of the scenes were shoot in Cali? I’ve got a good guess perhaps.

Third, director!!! After getting so much serious with Godfather, it was followed by this film which I think it was more relax for him and more focus in one character. Although it was not nominated or won any award, I love this film than Godfather 1. Of course I love Godfather series, but if I’m going to pick one of them against this one, I’m quite choose this first to watch than Godfather. I has faster pace, simple dialogue, more action scenes, and yes, the depth of acting for each character is still there even in a simpler plot.

Lastly, the actors, nonetheless.. The ones who brought this movie alive! From Tony’s mom, sister which is Mary with a very long last name. But well, great actress making Tony obsessive and sophisticated. How about the first boss of Tony? That was a great act even in a short time, feel sorry for him in that film.. The partner of Tony? Damn, great performance, even he did not really speak spanish, his bodyguard which did not speak a word in the film.. Tony’s minions, very believable minions.. And yes, how about the best friend of Tony? Come on, I hope he let him live, but Tony just went crazy because of her sister. Geez.. After all, without his best friend, I don’t think he will become that great.. Yes, Michelle’s role as Tony’s wife which oh well… Sad thing for her. Great performance but I have another choice for that role, either at that time, can be Sharon Stone, Glenn Close or how about Deborah Harry? But well.. That’s fine, I’m ok with what Michelle Pfeifer did. How about the killer at the end, nice get up, shades and the shotgun!

The one who really brought this film, cult status and recognition.. Al Pacino.. This role was for him. Nothing else, perfect for him, on how he speaks, acts, everything he did in this film seems to be natural. He swears perfectly in this film. =) I have many scenes I love in this film done by him.. But two scenes that stand out, one was how he killed his former boss and yes, the action packed finale!!! His pride never dies.. I was sad he did not get any nomination for the role, maybe because of the dialogue or maybe tough competition at that time. But I hope he got this one, because it’s better than in Godfather 2, many might not agree but for me, with what he done for the film.. That’s the best Al Pacino role I’ve watched. Of course, there was Carlito’s Way, but well.. I still give this a best choice, best role for him..Even, yes, he did not speak so much spanish. Great dude..

I did not understand why he got the name Scarface.. I maybe I should watch the movie again and again. hehe Two and a half hours well spent again.

Best line in the film?

“Say hi to my little friend!”, launched his grenade launcher and blasts the attackers to bits.


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