Great Easter Feast!

Hay.. What celebration it was. =) First year with the community and yes, not only I had a wonderful Holy Week, but I also experienced, first time that an Easter Sunday should be celebrated, which is at the Feast!!! hehe Oh yeah. First year pala is on May. Time really flies very fast. Even that week, holy Monday tapos after that wonderful recollection, cap it off by a great celebration. That is definitely Easter! We should be Easter people not Good Friday people.

Kahit 13000 people sa SMX eh I did not feel that heat at yes, that many people.. Parang feeling ko, kaunti lang kami. Intimate with him was the key and we enjoyed it. From the wonderful performances, the talks and even yun mass, it’s worth well, waiting for those 4 hours. It was a great celebration with Jesus, that it should be, a life that was tested through tough times and death, in the third day.. He rose up to show the salvation instore for us. The glory of God. =)
Mabuti maaga talaga ako gumising kasi alam ko maraming tao, pero I did not expect that it will reach that high. I hope next year, pwede sa The Arena in MOA or Araneta perhaps. Malapit sa bahay ko. hehe
From what I heard sa talk, I hope I can bounce back in life. I mean, geez.. I still believe that there will be a work for me, and I pray na sana may chance pa din for a different job. Not the usual, but of course, pag wala nang choice, let’s do it. Again.. =(
Although, I don’t want to think so much about it, I just move on this life, gawa dito, gawa doon.. Make out most of it.. And still, reading books.. And still, here thinking. Praying. Planning and just to avoid getting bored or sort. Just be active in this ironic life. =)
However, what struck me.. Those words I heard in that week.. Trust me, and All is well. =)


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