My Shepherd

I know, in our faith.. The love that binds God and us, is one of the strongest bond we have.

To equal that, we need to share that love, and blessings we got to others. As his only son Jesus did for all of us. He did that like a shepherd, who will do anything to make sure we follow his flock. He will teach us on how to follow and if we got lost, he is always there to search for us to make sure, he will carry us back to his flock. He will do that even leaving the other sheep behind just to look for the ones who are lost.. Who became far from him.
This is the hardest part of our faith as well. What can I do not only to follow him, but also make others to follow him? From the unchurched, to those who were lost and down, to those in other faith, and for those who doesn’t even believe God.
Although, I’m still thinking on what to do for him.. If I say yes for that part of my purpose to share his glory to others, I know he will help me like those times I was in a struggled state. I know all the time, even not in the fastest response, he will be there for me to catch me if I fall down, or got lost. I’ll just listen to him and what I heard from him.. Trust him, always!
As I follow him, I don’t know what’s really in store at the end of this road.. But what I know is he’ll never leave his flock alone, he will be our guide. Forever.. Just follow him and great things will come. With the awesome gift of the Holy Spirit, making it more interesting to follow him, all through out.
Maybe I should think about it, having an extension of his flock, through me. =)


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