A week of Lent

Well, summer na talaga.. After doing odd jobs, at last I can take a rest and have a time with Him.. Starting tomorrow until he rises up. Matagal na ko di nagspend ng holy week na walang regular work. Hmmm.. Parang the last time ata, which what, college? Geez, what a way to revisit lenten season without the pressure of earning. I mean last year, yun shop sarado lang ng Good Friday.

This year, I don’t need to worry about that. Life is a bliss, and I know how many times I’ll be advised na do this and that, for me.. Parang nagustuhan ko yun si Tim Tebow, as a devout Christian, he always says and as I look his vids, it’s just faith really gets to him at 4th quarter. Never lose hope even they’re behind, and he always say, “Don’t worry, there is time”. I hope I can do that in my life. Removing pressure or worries, relying to Him always. It’s a good thing..
My target or at least na maimprove ko this season is getting closer to Him. Through usual prayer, reflections at higit sa lahat, kung ano yun path na parang narealize ko na.. Mag start na.. I know he will give it at the right time. =) God’s time.
I like this season than well, advent kasi it has time to rest, emotionally and physically. Unlike advent, of course joyous! Pero it takes out of little rest whole throughout. Nakakapagod nga. hehe
Seriously, this season is an added connection to Jesus, our Savior.. To make amends, at conversion if possible. Penance and yes, more importantly, like what he did, acts of mercy. I know following him, is very difficult. Not everybody can do it. Kahit madaling sabihin galing sa simbahan, eh mahirap talagang gawin. Come on, nobody will just stand up, give up a job and follow.. Especially these times.
However, Jesus has ways to entice us to follow him. At mukhang nakikita ko naman. =) Although in other way naman, like I always sigh, let him help me get through this.
I’ll rest my hands for a while, and start contemplating.. Who is he in my darn life?


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