End of 1st Quarter

Well, they thought di na ko naka move on. They are dead wrong. hehe I don’t know what’s wrong of greeting somebody happy birthday. Special naman kasi yun person, but anyway, that’s their take at I have mine.. Yun lang. =) Move on to a happy life..

January, it’s like a death penalty.. Counting the days left for a job that you loved at yun, definitely kailangan to move on and make a move. I’ve a move and enjoyed every last day of it. It was very sad kasi RAM was my bet to really pursue my plans, and starting to a progressing life, at stay put for the shop na din. Kaso, it’s their decision at kailangan tanggapin na lang ng kusa. Naman, kung kailan nandun na eh, masaya na eh.. Good time never lasts. Hehe Damn.. I’ve decisions that affected my financial capacity but not my emotional being.. You just have to move on and find ways.. Find ways? Hmmmmmm
February, at the start of the month, jobless and well, shopless. =( Pero, it’s like a breathe of fresh air for me, less stress and spend more time of myself. Although di natuloy ang pagtravel but yun simple things like getting rest, more sleep sa isang araw, doing chores at errands parang di naman ako nabore. But I cannot say all the time eh may ginagawa ako, talagang sometime, I just easily bored. Nasanay na kasi nagtratrabaho 3 jobs in a day.. Damn, it was a good training and excercise for me. Job hunting was no luck. Quite not only unlucky but running out of options lalo na towards the end of the month. Mukhang balik sa akin dating work, getting those calls. Protecting principles paid a dear price for me. Well, that’s life. Thank God ok naman si Dad from his operation and now, ayun nagpapalakas.
Thanks to JE, wow I have a community na.. What’s next for me sa community? How will I be a light and salt of this world? Gotta find out this coming months…
March, well… I just realized how cursed this month was. Not only I had difficulty looking for a job but yun iba, parang teka, ang baba. hehe I think I worked already with the best centers except for the first one. Bwahaha But anyway, thanks to the support from family and friends eh medyo nakalimutan ko na bum ako. But I cannot be bum for a long time. Please.. hehe I got some things na di ko lang need eh want din. =) Tanggal ang lungkot. I had very exhausted series of applying a job, although my other offers pero naisip ko yun range, I mean budget I need for a month, di pala kakayanin. Grabe, parang lipat kaya ako dito sa south. Para menos gastos. hehehe May iba kasi libre na!! hahaha But I can’t pa.. We’ll see..
Sana machange ang trend ng March next year ha. Although di ko naman iniisip yun agad nang pumasok yun March, nalaman ko lang nun gitna na. At well, it has history..
For now, let’s see at maiba naman ang ilalagay ko for 2nd quarter. I hope that month, I should be happy, happy as that month says to me.
It should be, please. =)


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