Oh Jesus, after 2 retreats in HS and 1 retreat in College, I thought that was enough to encounter you. Until Saturday..

That Saturday, well, I was fully energized even I only slept for few hours. Eagerly waiting for this day.. Before the Caring group ends like around 5 months ago, I always remind my CG head to register me for this event. Although that time, slots were filled already.

This time, slots already filled in Valle Verde, so I end up in the Makati Feast JE. Meaning my other friends will be transferred here for the day only. I was very early, fearing the traffic from the Edsa celebration. I came early and yes, I saw my other CG friends. Full of life and looking forward to this day..

Great thing I ate already before I got to that place, it started quite late. But great thing, they prepared a lot of candies, just to be awake for this day.

The first half of the day well it was kinda boring but insipiring.. =) Especially knowing the 21 beliefs and mission na din in LOJ. There are statements that amazed me, like how repentance should work and other things in the 21 beliefs that summarizes not only what I should do in LOJ but well, as a catholic in general.

Between those activities, I like the part which we have a CG and share some thoughts in the excercise questions. I met new people, from the Makati Feast. It was an enjoying experience, and I owe a visit to the Makati Feast…

Then, the second half of the day comes in.. The activity is about the baptism of the holy spirit which I was suprised, well what I know is the first baptism and confirmation. I never taught of another one in my HS or College days.

But anyway, they said it’s the most important part of the day..

As all the final instructions were finished, I was seated and start meditating/praying/thinking.. As they say start of this baptism, and worship at the same time, I am feeling kinda different.

The leader of this baptism and worship, as he starting to say go this door and that, open this door to look those who hurt you, or the door which has your family, friends, yourself and Jesus.. The last door, is empty yet, you need to think of somebody that you want to be or reach out.. I simply got carried away.. I cried, and even getting some heat inside me even in a very cold airconditioned room..

I broke down and inside it’s like I have visions and I’m shouting sort of to him… Then a person who does the pray over asked for something to pray for.. I asked well, secret. =) Then, of course to finish the baptism, you need to get annointed..

As I stand up, others seem to fall right away due to the blessing of the holy spirit.. I thought at the back of my head, I’m fine oh God, just please don’t make me fall.. Well, after the first anointing at my left hand, I fainted for some minutes without any reason.. I mean, I’m not hungry or have a headache at that time, I was just pulled down and laid for a couple of minutes.. I raised and felt a lighter feeling after that.

Wow, even the 4th talk was at hand, I still feel happy about what happened and looking forward already what’s in store for me. I already forgot I ate a sumptous lunch, and damn I can even eat more at that time but well, the sharing at lunch meant a great time spending it.

For the 4th talk, about the essentials of faithfulness which about prayer, wisdom and some things which I forgot. But I remember, as I look back, I already doing some them.. Reading, praying, doing acts and service to others, things like that, meaning I just need to improve more to these things, especially the service to him.

The last part, was the confirmation of being a member to Light of Jesus, through a ceremony of candles. Light the candle and pass it around as a symbol that each member will not be left alone.

After that day, I was renewed, left amazed on what it transpired inside me. I did ask for discernment through the Holy Spirit, I choose that, why? It’s in keeps… Unlike those retreats I encountered before, this one was different maybe not only it only took one day but also the impact it does for me. It was a great impact to really help me to recover for what happened in my past, or even the present.. Looking great for the future. =)

Even until now, not getting the luck I need or broke or anything that let’s me down, I am still here, waiting for another encounter.. Not for another change..

But for a start of success that I’m waiting for.

I pray, I encounter him everyday.. =)


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