classics: Brazil

Wow, I did not understand what the hell happened in the end? Meaning everything was really a dream? Geez..

images (1)Although the soundtrack or the main song itself is addictive, I can’t connect the song or well the title itself to the movie. There was an explanation in or wiki but oh well, as a normal movie watcher or fan, I can’t connect..

However, the movie is great! =) Second to Terry Gilliam’s great 12 monkeys, this is still a movie to keep.

How I discovered the movie? Just looking at, and Terry Gilliam’s profile and checked the trivia, that’s it. Got it, got to watch this one.

Story was quite complicated. I suggest, you check wikipedia, and imdb for it. At first, it’s quite you’ll get along even with some complications of the story but in the last 30 minutes, and after you see the ending? You’ll definitely say, what the heck!!! hehe I tried to digest the simple plot for days but sorry.. You gotta see it.

For me, those films which has confusing plot or storyline style, like black swan, or donnie darko, jacob’s ladder or other films which has a confusing plot and it ends in a simple shocking way. They got inspiration from this film, although not only this film, but I think it made a major contribution to others.

I love the film settings especially through the set, costumes, even the futuristic props, it helped a lot to really show the eccentric futuristic time.. I love the pace of it,since it’s Terry Gilliam, there will be close camer shots and weird effects but it is really for the film, it fits the film. I love the actors, of course, from Robert De Niro, Bob Hoskins, Jim Broadbent, hmmmm I forgot the mom, even the other casts members. Of course Jonathan Pryce which yeah, catapulted to other roles and what he is right now. So, from all the sequences, like the dream ones, great executed and well acted. Thanks of course to the Director, wow, I think this was his answer to Blade Runner, although it’s black comedy.. Yeah, because of the future concept and yes, answer to 1984 film.

Even the props, were great, I think all the budget was paid for all those props, from the big samurai, and flying parts, or how about the weird inventions, I like the mini car. =)

The theme, it really suprises me, although it’s very dark theme, a futuristic totalitarian film, but it showed more light to it. More fun and well, the scary parts as well.

There are some minor flaws. One was even that girl is beautiful, oh well, I did not like the acting, especially in the real setting of her. Damn, that’s why according to imdb, Terry was not happy for the performance. I hope, they cast other chicks instead, there are many at that time. Geez.

Another thing was, I know it’s hard to polish the props, but I hope since the budget for the film was huge, they focussed on really polishing the costumes. Like the flying dude, you can see his frames at the back. hehe It’s just a minor one, but I hope it’s polished, even the chase sequences or simply the look of the city. I hope it was fixed before, but it’s only minor and not a big deal. Especially when Terry was having a hard time, finishing the movie and worse, releasing the movie. Maybe the love conquers all version, was all crap.

Of course, I love the OST, even it has few songs, but very fantastic soundtrack.. And don’t forget, the main song, is still playing in my head. Great song, although it has a rendition here, but it was acoustic version. I hope they can just sang it.

Another confusing thing, the reason why the film was titled Brazil, it’s weird. Terry says, one moment while a man was quite depressed, he saw that the song playing round him, is that song. Damn..

No entities or images or even people from Brazil shown in this film, none, so please, don’t search for it. hehe


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