For this next 5 songs… Of course, coming from a great band. A living legend for alternative rock, they never cease and still doing their artistic songs.. Rock songs.

Simply Radiohead!

I can’t believe that every album they release, one song goes straight to get nominated in the Grammy’s. Like the previous one which even I haven’t heard it, it was nominated. Geez.

Thom Yorke and the rest of the band, simply one of the best. From Thom’s well, smooth yet growling vocals, then the rest of the bands fantastic skills from enigmatic guitar lead, tight bass and yes, great drum work. All of them always produce some alternative rock music which more deeper than the other bands. Until now.


Hmmmm, nah, I was not hook to them due to the song Creep. I was hook to them in, damn, I forgot already. But as I discovered their songs along the way of my being music addict.. Well, I found that this is the band who did those songs. Well, they are behind in my most fave bands, from RATM, Led Zep, The Smiths, and yes, JD/NO. But of course, if you really hear what they do, they are inspired by those bands, except for RATM.

Speaking of that.


Yes, the first song I like from them, actually their version of Ceremony of New Order. Actually, I almost put this better than the original because it’s faster, and detailed from the bass and drums, better guitar rifts. Well, the problem is the vocals, not because of Thom’s deep long voice but it’s just I felt. Original is better. I just like who they did this for us, fans especially for New Order.


Well, you know how Ceremony plays. Check their youtube performance. =)


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